a guest05.07.16 17:19

redevelopment inside the house

Hello! Need help in dividing the premises into the rooms. They tried but failed.


Hello! Unfortunately, it is impossible to advise anything without a floor plan.


Hire specialists

And what specific specialist are you talking about?

Wow, well, I can tell you that my friends have come across such things and there everything is not just of course, you need to refer naturally to the masters, they will help you to do this correctly and not to screw up anything, so this is the only way! Do you understand how to repair? We also started, but we figured out the bathroom, by the way, if you need masters, then we used themhttp://ocean-vann.ru/remont-sanuzla-pod-kluch/remont-sanuzla-v-novostrojke/- I can recommend with a clear conscience)) Well, good luck of course in solving your question)

Oh, we also decided on the redevelopment for a long time, but then figured out how much a headache it was and abandoned the idea ...

a guest16.05.18 13:45

Actually - yes, redevelopment is a big headache, because you need to get good for it, make projects that will cost you dearly, look for special workers who will correctly make redevelopment.Initially, even before buying an apartment, I was very confused with finding a good layout, so that I didn’t have to put this headache on myself, and I liked the projects with Finn most of all. In this direction, we have an architectural bureau Rumpu -http://www.rumpu.ru/projects/type/1/

In the same St. Petersburg, according to their project, the LCD Graffiti, Three Oranges and others were also implemented. Graffiti sympathizes with me more. I am trying to find out for now whether the free apartments have remained there.

So I think it is easier to initially take an apartment with a layout that suits you!

Heard about the company "MetallStekloStroy". My friend has a restaurant near Moscow. At this companyhttps://st-peril.ruhe ordered fences for the stairs. He was offered a lot of options. He told me that when the company’s specialists worked in the restaurant, he was surprised at the professionalism. Before that there was a bitter experience with such firms.

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