Purgation. Colonotherapy procedure

In the process of colonotherapy, the intestines are repeatedly filled and emptied with a special rectal apparatus, which allows the delivery of washing fluid to the upper sections of the large intestine. Due to this, from 30 to 60 liters of water are passed through the intestines for the procedure - at the same time the patient does not experience almost any discomfort or pain. In addition, the device automatically controls the pressure and temperature of the supplied fluid, and the block of visual observation allows the doctor to assess the type of intestinal leached contents. As for the washing liquid, it uses salt solutions, laser-structured water, medicinal herb solutions and substances that restore the intestinal microflora.
The choice of fluid for colon therapy depends on the goal that you want to achieve during the procedure.
First of all, the intestines are washed with structured water, washing out fecal stones and mucus, and then the drug solution is fractionally administered. The quality of colon therapy is directly related to the qualifications and experience of the personnel performing the procedure, preparing the patient for cleansing, as well as with the preliminary medical examination. The last factor is obligatory, since it allows you to find out what treatment solution will be used during the procedure, and whether it is possible to carry out this procedure at all. But colonotherapy is prohibited in the presence of any acute and chronic diseases, liver and kidney failure, severe anemia, adhesive disease, cholelithiasis, intestinal bleeding, acute hemorrhoids, intestinal polyposis, tumors, pregnancy and prostate adenoma.
The benefits of colon therapy
After colonotherapy, fecal stones, mucus and dead epithelium are removed from the intestines, with which intestinal parasites and pathogens leave. After the procedure, patients should eat fermented milk products saturated with probiotics - they colonize the cleaned intestines with beneficial bacteria and significantly improve the condition of the renewed gastrointestinal tract.Due to the mild effect of the water jet supplied to the intestine, the tone of the intestinal walls is normalized, their normal size and position are restored, and the microcirculation in the walls is significantly improved.
As a result of improving the work of the intestinal wall, absorption of minerals, vitamins and other beneficial substances increases.
Since the large intestine is associated with the digestive organs, large volumes of water cause the gallbladder to reflex, as well as the biliary and pancreatic ducts. At the same time, the state of the pelvic organs is normalized, in which the necessary microcirculation processes and blood circulation are also activated. After a course of colonotherapy, clients of medical institutions are surprised to notice a thinner abdomen and a noticeable reduction in overall weight, accompanied by an improvement in the condition of the skin and its color.

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