Puff potatoes

Every day a lot of housewives ask themselves: what to cook for dinner? I want this dish to be tasty and take a minimum of cooking time. This dish can be considered as a puff potato. For all its simplicity, flaky potatoes like every lover of delicious food. Yes, and you can cook it, practically, from the improvised products. Required ingredients: Potatoes - 1 kilogram. Chicken legs (any meat can be used) - 2. Cheese - 200 grams. Mayonnaise. Onions - 2-3 large onions. Salt. Peppers. Greens. Immediately it should be noted that for cooking puff potatoes, you can use any meat that is in the refrigerator. This may be pork, beef or chicken (filet, chicken legs or chicken breasts). In our case there will be chicken thighs. Thoroughly wash the legs and separate the meat from the bones. Cut off the meat into small pieces. Peel the potatoes and cut into thin strips. Cut the onion rings. The more onions there are, the richer the dish will be. Cheese carefully rubbed on the largest grater.Our recipe will suit any fresh cheese belonging to the firm grades. Finely cut the greens. On a baking tray lay out the onion and spread evenly over the surface. Put chopped chicken legs on top. Fall asleep all chopped potatoes. Potato layer grease mayonnaise any fat. To do this, lay out the mayonnaise on potatoes and distribute a large spoon over the entire surface. Well we salt and we a little pepper. The resulting layers fall asleep cheese. Top lay out the greens. Greens can be both fresh and frozen. We put the puffed potatoes in a preheated oven. Baking temperature is 200 degrees. Baking duration - 30 minutes.
Puffed Potatoes
 Puffed Potatoes
 Puffed Potatoes
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 Layer Potatoes
 Layered Potatoes
Puffed Potatoes
 Puffed Potatoes
 Puffed potatoes
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