Anna Sukhova

Anna Sukhova- Psychologist, psychodiagnostes, NLP specialist.

A graduate of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov (Department of Extreme Psychology and Psychological Aid), additional education: State University of Management (RMA Business School), MEPI (Institute of Modern Business), Moscow NLP Center, Russian Coaching School (Russian School of Coaching).

It hasmany years of practical experiencein psychological counseling in contextbusiness and personal relationships,one of the activities of the psychologist is -psychodiagnostics by photography (physiognomy).Great value for a psychologist is not only knowledge, but also experience, which gives the opportunity to develop and help her clients, for whom Anna Sukhova as a qualified specialist is responsible.

Project author"Your psychologist"where it provides qualified psychological assistance in any situation and"Psychology of happiness"whose topics are: relationships, personal success; and variouslearning programs:“Relationships and achieving a successful result”, “Physiognomy and personal diagnostics”, “Achievement and life-coaching”, “Communication management methods”, “Happy child” and others.

I am sure that modern psychology should put a priority on non-therapy, when a specialist listens to the patient, sympathizes with him and says what he wants to hear. Today, the task of a psychologist is to motivate a client to achieve personal results, and the psychologist himself must fully comply with the concept of a successful person.

An expert on television, print and radio programs, collaborates with leading television channels (First, TVC, Trust, RenTV, Moscow24, Home, World and radio stations (Love Radio, Spring FM, Silver rain and Business FM).

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I hate mess. I like cleanliness . But getting rid of it is such an agony for me. Tell me how to love cleaning.


Hello, I am almost 33 years old, after school I didn’t know at all where and who to apply for, on the advice of my parents I went to a lawyer, but I didn’t work in the field, more precisely, a legal adviser in an enterprise, but the functionality there was far from the legal profile


Hello! I am 27 years old. I have two educations, there is not a favorite and hopeless job. There is no and never had any relationship (this is very funny) I look normal on the outside. I am very upset and do not know where to go further ..


Anna, hello, tell me how in adulthood to determine the scope of activities? I am on maternity leave with a child; after a decree, I don’t want to return to my previous work. I don’t want to do this anymore!


Good day! I can't call it a problem as such, But still)))

I am 27 years old, in recent times it seems to me that I don’t spend my time at all with advantage!


Hello. My name is Julia. I am married to a man who has a son from his first marriage. Joint children are two. Vadim (husband's child) was 2 years old when we registered the marriage. He is now 15 years old.


Hello! A year has passed, and I still can not forgive the betrayal of her husband. Husband in the family, children grow up, everything is fine. I understand that it is necessary to accept, forgive and live on, without looking back. I can't ...


I have a terrible problem, please help! I meet with a guy 4 years. 3 months ago we decided to live together ... From this moment a nightmare begins. The fact is that I sorely can not sleep with him in the same bed.


By profession an accountant has worked for ten years in one enterprise. After the reorganization of the company, unfortunately the accounting department was reduced.


Hello, Anna, always dreamed of making a career, but nothing happens. My career is average, I seem to be able to do a lot, the position is not the worst, the resume is impressive, and there is still no self-confidence.

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