Is protein harmful or not? Expert opinion

By the time the vital goal was reached, the proteins were so tightly included in my daily diet that they became an obligatory line in the list of first monthly and then weekly purchases, and over time began to bring discomfort not only to the family budget, but also to my health . Therefore, now that the danger has passed, I, having enlisted the competent support of three remarkable fitness experts, decided to show you the downside of using sports nutrition.

First of all, for those who are not in the subject, I will explain: a protein shake is nothing more than extracting water-soluble proteins from whey, egg / beef / goat protein, or plant foods rich in protein — brown rice, hemp, soy, peas, and etc. Simply put, protein is a concentrated protein, complete with multivitamins and minerals, designed to restore muscles after exercise. In some cases, to increase calorie content, small amounts of fat and carbohydrates in the form of fructose or sucrose are added to protein shakes.Such a thing is called a gainer, and its main function is to increase body weight and quickly replenish energy reserves.

Is protein harmful or not? Expert opinion

Protein on a par with carbohydrates and fats is an important nutrient component of our body, performing a variety of functions:

  • is the main building material of the cell and intercellular substance,
  • is the main component of all enzymes;
  • participates in the transfer of blood oxygen (hemoglobin), lipids (lipoproteins), carbohydrates (glycoproteins), certain vitamins and other important substances.

The daily protein intake for women is on average no more than 70–75 g per day, which can be more than replenished by eating 100 g of cottage cheese and 250 g of turkey during the day (there are many more veggie options)

Being a source of fast, readable, easily digestible protein, protein accelerates all these processes. Due to the high rate of absorption from the gastrointestinal tract, it is considered indispensable for post-training muscle recovery and tissue regeneration for people who have undergone heavy surgery. He is also recommended to drink thin skinny males to increase daily caloric intake in order to gain weight.

Here, strictly speaking, all the bonuses of the use of sports nutrition. Perhaps the undeniable "advantages" can also be attributed to convenience. Agree, stir in a shaker powder and drink easier than carrying trays with food. However, protein is not food, but only a dietary supplement that cannot replace a full meal.

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