Proper care of a little dachshund

Dachshunds are special and amazing dogs, probably not for nothing that they are so popular all over the world. This is a very active, lively and fun breed, which resembles a tireless motor - always in motion. She easily becomes a true friend for her family, enjoys spending time with her household and is always ready to play the role of a fearless defender, if the need arises, of course.

This dog has a fairly high intelligence and good acumen, which help her to make quick and correct decisions.

Character traits and behavior

How to care for a dachshund dog? Before understanding this question, it is important to understand what it is about itself, what features and habits it possesses. This breed is great for housing maintenance, small and smooth-haired, it does not cause any special problems, but still we must not forget that these dogs love to walk and run as much as their long-legged fellows.

True friend

Such activity and mobility of dachshunds is easily explained by their history. It turns out that these short-legged naughty boys can boast of hunting origin! Yes, yes, this breed is descended from beagles, which were distinguished by excellent flair, viscosity and ability to pursue prey with a voice.

The last property is most pronounced today, because the dachshunds are really “vocal” dogs, and the volume of their barking is not inferior to the timbre of a large and serious dog. So, if the dachshund barks somewhere outside the door, then someone else is unlikely to thrust into this apartment, it turns out that they are also excellent watchmen!

And this is really so: the rates are very vigilant to protect members of their own family, their belongings and, of course, the entrance doors. Dachshunds are great for balanced and calm people, because they can easily turn into an intelligent and catchy companion.

The hunters

But, if necessary, in spite of her short legs, she is able to overcome long distances, withstand serious physical exertion and become a tireless companion of your life adventures.

Experts say that dogs of this breed are sometimes stubborn and naughty, which is why it is sometimes difficult to train. But if you make the right contact with the dachshund, then the owner will always find an approach to his beloved, because it is not for nothing that the dachshunds have gained the reputation of being the smartest among themselves.

This feature, again, is related to its origin, because dachshunds were originally used for hunting in the burrow, to make it easier to catch a badger, a beaver, and so on. In the dark, narrow and confined space, the dachshund fought with the beast for life and death, realizing that the owner could not help her here, so quick and correct decisions had to be made independently.


In the house this small dog is a real mistress. She knows perfectly well what is happening and where and what is busy. Dachshund loves comfort and warmth, so often chooses the most cozy corners of the apartment, can sleep, wrapped in your blanket.

Therefore, the dachshund is a very affectionate and gentle, delicate and affectionate dog. If she chose her hosts, this is for life.

Before you take such a dog to your home, think carefully about whether you can give it proper attention, because such pets can become grumbling and even vindictive because of its lack.

How to choose a puppy?

So, you have decided to acquire such a pet, now it is very important to choose a healthy and strong dog with a good character, having seen her in a small and restless puppy. Decide on what you want to have a dog for: hunting or as a companion?

What eyes

If the latter, then you should pay attention to the decorative individuals, which, most often, are presented as dwarf or rabbit dachshunds, they differ only in size. But for hunting and sports a standard dachshund is perfect, which with great success will replace your large service dog.

Puppies from the kennel are usually taken at the age of 6-8 weeks, where you can study the pedigree of your future pet, as well as look at its parent.

Be sure to pay attention to the conditions in which the dogs are kept; the kennel must be warm and clean.

Observe the behavior of puppies: they must be active and playful. Inspect the baby externally: be sure to feel the tail, it should not have any knots or offsets, tummy, which should be clean and without a prominent navel ring. Ears and eyes should be clean and shine hair.The price of such karapuz will vary depending on their pedigree.

Care and maintenance

In fact, such a beautiful dog is unique not only for its character and ingenuity, but also for really easy care: the main thing is to maintain its health at the proper level and, of course, not to forget about daily walks.

It is also easy to care for wool: smooth-haired representatives need only to iron a special mitten, and long-haired ones must be brushed 2-3 times a week. It is necessary to bathe the dog as needed, always with a special shampoo.

Pay attention to the ears: they need to be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Also, do not forget about the teeth, they need to be cleaned regularly with special toothpaste, which helps prevent the appearance of tartar.

It is also necessary to remember about claws: they need to be cut as they grow, the main thing is to do it as carefully as possible. If the eyes sometimes turn sour, then wipe them with a cotton swab, with frequent and heavy discharge, you must contact the veterinary clinic.

It is also important to remember that the weak point in these animals is the spinal cord, therefore they cannot be lifted by the front paws. If you want to take a puppy in hand, then be sure to first hold the hind limbs with one hand, and under the front with the other, so that the entire body weight of the animal does not fall on the spine.


Pay attention to a balanced diet, which should include both animal and vegetable proteins. In childhood, puppies should not be fed with dry food, the transition should be made gradually.

If you decide to feed an adult dog with it, then be sure to choose high-quality and expensive food recommended by experts. The food from the “host's table” is not suitable for your pet, so do not accustom him to such an addiction from childhood.

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