What is eidetic?

Many parents are faced with the fact that their child does not want to learn. Poor performance and unwillingness to go to school, of course, cause them a storm of indignation, and all these negative emotions fall on the poor kid. Before you punish him for another deuce, think about it - perhaps the reason for such a child’s behavior is not his laziness or unwillingness to learn, but a bad memory is to blame for everything?

Every day he needs to memorize a large amount of fresh and not always interesting information, listen to the teacher in class, and then prepare his homework: learn a verse, memorize several formulas in mathematics and prepare a translation of the text in a foreign language. And the older the child becomes, the greater the load at school.

In addition to this, exams are added. The whole learning process turns into a continuous cramming. Remember all the necessary information in this way is quite difficult. This requires incredible effort and high concentration.

If a child spends several hoursto remember some information, the next day can not remember anything and receives an unsatisfactory evaluation, then this can for a long time discourage his desire to learn something next time. Therefore, it is very important to find out the reason for your child's poor performance and help him to cope with this problem.

This will help you eydetika. Most often, the entire school material is focused on logical thinking and mechanical memory, so it is a dry, concise information that is very poorly absorbed by our brain. While the child is the closest thing to figurative thinking. After all, the baby from the very first years of life best remembers bright, interesting images. There is even such a kind of figurative memory as Eidethism, thanks to which we easily remember everything bright and noteworthy, and then we can easily remember it when we need it.

Eidetica is a technique developed specifically for the development of memory and figurative thinking.

The principle of its work is as follows: any information can be presented in the form of associative images that are very quickly remembered and can be reproduced with the same ease later.With this technique, you can learn and remember anything, whether it be mobile phone numbers, foreign languages, etc.

Especially eidetic is useful for children, as it contributes to their all-round development, improving memory and increasing concentration, and the process of remembering itself is a fun and exciting game, which means that they will only enjoy learning.

In order that you can best understand all the features of this technique, we can recommend the following books to you:

  1. "How to develop a good memory?" This book is very well suited for young children, as there are many funny stories about animals and characters from different cartoons. Your child will develop their imagination and learn to memorize poems and fairy tales with the help of pictograms. The book also contains lesson plans and various psychological games that teachers can use in their work.
  2. “How to develop attention?” In this book you will find a lot of useful tips and exercises that will help you develop your attention and teach you to highlight the most important things and remember only what you need.
  3. “How to memorize words?” If you have problems with the spelling of some words, then this book is for you. It presents various ways and techniques that are based on your imagination and imagination. Thanks to them, you can memorize up to 120 words and learn how to write them correctly.
  4. “How to memorize English words?” With the help of this book, learning a foreign language will be a simple and exciting activity not only for you, but also for your child. In this edition there are many methods and tips on how best to memorize new words. In addition, ready-made associations have been selected for each English word, thanks to which you will easily and quickly master a new language for you.

Eidetica is a technique that can be used at any age, but especially it will appeal to young children. Unlike boring and uninteresting training programs, eidetica is a fun game. Therefore, this method can be used for the development of children from 2 years. If from the very childhood you teach your child to remember all new information in this way, in the future your child will study well and will be happy to go to school.

In order for you to be able to independently master this technique, you can first perform the following exercises with your baby:

  • Remember the numbers. To do this, ask the child to present each figure in the form of different images. For example, "1" is Buratino with a long nose, "2" is a swan, "3" is a double-humped camel, "4" is an inverted chair, etc. To the kid remembered the sequence of numbers, you can come up with an exciting story, where the main characters will be Pinocchio, swan, etc. In the same way, you can teach your child to remember your mobile phone number. Agree that this is very useful information for him.
  • Remember the letters. Each letter of the alphabet can be represented in the form of different images. The kid will love it if you draw a portrait of a letter, come up with a biography for her, let her have her own character, and at the same time she will make her own distinctive sound. Thus, the entire alphabet can be represented as a fairy-tale country in which lively inhabitants live - letters.
  • Remember the words. So that the baby can easily remember and reproduce any sequence of words, you need to come up with an interesting story in which the words will stand in the same sequence as in the task.It will be just great if the child manifests his imagination and comes up with this story himself.
  • Remember verse. Children memorize vivid pictures very well, so that a child can easily remember the desired poem, it needs to be drawn. Of course, you can not write some words on a sheet of paper, but looking at this drawing, the child will be able to remember the key words and their correct sequence.
  • "What has changed?" Put the various objects in front of the baby. It can be toys, cubes, household items. Let him call them and try to remember. And then cover these items and rearrange them. Ask the baby to put the toys in the same order as before. So that he could cope with this task, from the very beginning invent a story with these objects.

Over time, your child will learn to invent these stories by imagining them.

The advantages of eidetics, compared with other teaching methods, will be noticeable after the first lesson.

  • First, any information can be presented, taking into account the individual characteristics of each child.
  • Secondly, as the training materials you can use absolutely any thing: your favorite toys, books, various household items, etc.
  • Thirdly, the learning process itself takes place in the form of a game and takes place in a very joyful and fun atmosphere.

The main principle of eidetics: the development of imagination + receiving positive emotions = memorizing the necessary information.

Thanks to this technique, your child will be fully developed and self-confident, will be able to quickly find the right decision and come up with new original ideas. The future of your children is in your hands!

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