Prince harry considers grandma to be boss

Next week, the UK will celebrate a big anniversary - Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 years old! Of course, the whole family, and in particular the grandsons of Her Majesty, Harry and William, are preparing for the event, taking the most direct part in planning the holiday. Here is just one of the gifts for the grandmother - namely the documentary about her life and family - may not be sincere. Rumors leaked to the press that during the filming of the picture, Prince Harry made several frank confessions, and even, one might say, complained that he did not know the simple relationship between his grandmother and his grandson. “For me, she is primarily a queen and only then a grandmother,” he shared. “I have tremendous respect for her, which you can feel for the boss, because she’s always my boss and only sometimes my grandmother.”

Hopefully on the birthday of Elizabeth II will be for Harry's beloved granny!

Prince Harry thinks the grandmother a boss

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