Prince Harry confirmed the affair with Megan Markle, but not all so rosy

Prince Harry is really dating Star Force Majors star Megan Markle! Rumors confirmed Kensington Palace, releasing an official statement asking ... to give a couple of years exhale. As it turned out, the novel has been going on for several months, but as soon as rumors leaked to the press, Megan’s life became simply unbearable: the tabloids are trying to dig out the piquant details of her biography, the girl and her family members are being chased by the paparazzi (the poor girl can't even get out of the house) prince fall asleep with its threats, and users of social networks allow themselves sexist and racist remarks (previously the grandson of Elizabeth II met only with aristocrats, and Megan, in their opinion, is a commoner).

Harry is seriously concerned about the safety of his lover, and representatives of the Windsor dynasty urge not to cross the line. “A romance with a prince does not mean that Miss Markle should be experiencing this whole nightmare,” the official statement says. “This is not a game, this is life — his and hers.”

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