Portable TV and radio channel suppressor

This device was conceived recently, because of the continuous series could not work quietly. And a couple of days ago a good idea came to mind! collect a portable media suppressor and radio channels. The device itself has a fairly simple scheme.
 Portable suppressor of TV and radio channels
The generator - the supplier of interference is assembled on just one transistor. You can use any high-frequency transistors with a cut-off frequency of 300 MHz. The design used KT 325 with an operating frequency of almost 1 GHz (900 MHz standard), you can use KT368, S9014, S9018, in a word, any RF transistors of low power.
Portable TV Suppressor and radio channels
 Portable TV and Radio Channel Suppressor
The design consists of only several components, in particular frequency setting capacitoremitter resistor that limits the current of the transistor, the circuit and the antenna, which are designed to modulate interference.
Portable TV Suppressor and radio channels
Such a toy can suppress any range around 60-200 MHz, can be adjusted to any desired range, The device was demonstrated in one of my videos and since then there have been a lot of letters in which users ask for a scheme, today the scheme is no longer a secret, and never kept it a secret. Adjustment of the desired range is done with a tuning capacitor, it needs to be selected with a maximum (fully open) capacity of 40 spikes.
Portable TV Suppressor and radio channels
The coil is wound on a frame with a diameter of 6mm, contains only 6-7 turns of wire with a diameter of 0.8 mm. The device can purposefully suppress one particular TV channel, literally anyone, except of course satellite channels, since there the frequency is quite high.
Portable TV Suppressor and radio channels
The device perfectly suppresses radio stations of the fm-am range at a distance of up to 30 meters. An antenna can be a piece of a multicore wire with a length of 30-40 cm.
 Portable TV and Radio Channel Suppressor
The trimmer capacitor can be removed from the housing or you can do there is a hole in it for easy adjustment of the device.

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