Polymer clay in the decor: a candlestick with imitation of knitted parts

Knitted things are always cozy, even if knit ... made of clay! Create a cozy candlestick of the original form.

You will need:

  • Polymer clay;
  • tools for sculpting;
  • syringe for working with plastics;
  • small glass jar;
  • candles of the right size

Mash the clay and fill it with a syringe. First make strips of lighter clay, then fill it with dark. If you are going to use several contrasting colors, you will have to completely wash the tools after each portion of the material.

The thickness of the "mating" will depend on the used nozzle.

Two different colors, woven together, will help create an imitation of melange threads. You can immediately fill the syringe with a mixed mass.

Such "threads" will turn out.

Two "threads" are twisted in one direction, two - in the opposite direction.

Combining two such ornaments, we get a pattern that will look like a knitted pigtail.From these elements, you can create different patterns.

A jar has been chosen as a base; begin to fasten wicker elements to it.

Separate areas of "knitting" are distinguished by boundaries from interlaced flagella.

To “weave” a two-colored pigtail, use the “threads” of different colors. Otherwise, the technique is the same.

Even two colors of clay allow you to create different “patterns”.

We decorate the neck of the future candlestick.

Plastic may ignite, so limit yourself to decorating only the outer part of the jar.

The final result:

Clay should be baked for 15-20 minutes at low temperature (in accordance with the instructions). To avoid a sharp temperature drop, leave the candlesticks to cool in the oven.

It remains to put inside a lit candle.

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