Plush albino animals

As you know, albinos in nature are quite rare, but if such an animal enters the human field of vision, it is doomed to increased attention and even popularity among ordinary onlookers. Albino animals, like human albinos, are a rare congenital disorder in the body that deprives the skin, eyes, hair or coat of color.

Scientists attribute this defect to the lack of melanin, which is why albinos are always very pale, and, most often, snow-white with red eyes, it is contraindicated to sunbathe, they often suffer from various skin and eye diseases.


In general, such individuals are very difficult to have in the wild, the white color of their fur makes it impossible for an animal to disguise normally, which makes them more visible to other predators. People are touched by the next animal with snow-white fur, they are called "royals" or pearls of nature, with their unusual appearance are many mysteries that gave rise to many legends and myths.

Suffice it to recall the legends of ancient Greece, according to which Zeus himself reincarnated into a powerful white bull, and in Thailand there were white elephants who were allowed to breed only royal blood for people. There is also a legend about the snow-white and unusually strong horse Prairie, who, according to the beliefs of the Indians, commanded the innumerable herds of mustangs.

All these legends, in spite of all their illusiveness, have real grounds for themselves, that is, they most likely speak about unique and rare albino animals.

Despite the fact that, according to the legends, they are always endowed with unprecedented endurance and supernatural power, in real conditions they, most often, are characterized by reduced viability, they are not always able to survive or leave offspring.

Deprived of an attractive bright color, albinos are deprived of the attention of their own relatives, in addition, the white color makes them the first victims in the path of predators and, just the same, the same white color does not allow albinos-predators to sneak up on their prey.


But, despite all these difficulties, albinos are stubbornly fighting for their lives,dislike on the part of kinsmen is partially compensated by increased attention from the person, therefore, today albino pets are not at all uncommon.

Particularly lucky were the albino animals that were born in captivity or, over time, they ended up there, because in zoos and nurseries they are provided with the necessary care that allows them to live a unique animal for as long as possible. Well, well, let's get acquainted with the most famous and not very albino animals that have ever come to the attention of man.

White Gorilla Snowball

Snowball is a snow-white albino gorilla that has lived almost all its life in the Barcelona Zoo. This blue-eyed miracle was found in 1966, in Guinea, a small snow-white baby became an amazing find, which quickly acquired new owners.


The Barcelona Zoo paid as much as $ 250 for a new pet, which, according to some sources, makes it the most expensive animal purchased by any institution. Snowball quickly became a favorite of the public, was widely known not only in Spain, but also far beyond its borders.

Images of Snowball appeared on many Spanish postcards, photographs and guidebooks; as a result, the snow-white gorilla became the unofficial symbol of the Barcelona Zoo, and even several documentaries were made about it. Snowball became the father of 21 cubs, however, none of them inherited from the father of albinism.

Since 2001, Snowball has become ill with an atypical form of skin cancer, which many specialists associate with his albinism. He lived for about 40 years, which is very respectable for a wild gorilla, in the last month of life, thousands of visitors came to the zoo to say goodbye to a local pet, after which they put the unique animal to sleep.

White Crocodile Claude

You thought this does not happen? Even as it happens: the crocodile Claude, who was born in captivity and still lives with all the proper amenities in his terrarium, in California, is a real albino. Absolutely white skin and red eyes are the business card of the pangolin, which for a long time got along with the usual alligator Bonnie, and did not feel like a “white crow” at all, but just the opposite.

White Crocodile Claude

Albinos alligator Claude - not the only crocodile with unusual external data, living in captivity, in the world there are about 30 such individuals.However, albinos-alligators survive only in zoos, they will not last long in their natural environment: light skin is highly susceptible to burns, and it is extremely difficult to hide in muddy water in such an unusual instance.

White whales albinos

A real white handsome humpback whale albino has been spotted several times off the coast of Australia, where he regularly visits during the migration season. This unusual whale was even given its name, Migalu, and animal lovers and defenders of animals even dedicated a separate website to it. Later, one more albino whale was spotted off the coast of Svalbard, and the local fishermen, having admired the extraordinary spectacle, also gave it the name Willow.

Huge whale

White Koala Onii Birri

This cutie is the only known science copy of an albino koala that was born at the San Diego Zoo. The first six months of her life, Onia Birri spent in her mother's bag, as befits little cubs, and when the time came to get out, she was very surprised by all the employees of the zoo.

Home albinos

Such non-standard individuals among domestic animals - it's not uncommon, you just need to remember white domestic rats or mice with their white fur and red eyes.They are more like plush toys than real rodents, in addition, they are much quieter than their "painted" relatives.

Fluffy beauty

There is practically no albino among cats and dogs, however, in 1976 the Doberman-albino was born. Through long-term research and crossbreeding, a small population of white Dobermans, which now exist in the United States, was developed.

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