Pistachios - Healthy and Tasty Nuts

Surely, for many of us, pistachios are something tasty, salted, and are mostly sold in packing bags. In fact, pistachios are the closest relatives of cashews and, although they are used to be called nuts in cooking and in everyday life, from the point of view of biology they are fleshy seeds.

Homeland of such a plant is Persia, where many centuries ago they were considered a symbol of well-being and even were a bargaining chip of the inhabitants of the Ancient East. In the modern world, Iran has become the largest importer of pistachios, where about 200 thousand tons of such nuts are collected annually, in the second place is the United States, and the third is Turkey.

Great beer snack

Few people know that the inhabitants of the same east believe that they grow on the "tree of life", because there they call the pistachio tree, which outwardly has a strange appearance: a multi-layered trunk with deep cracks, a rather low but wide crown, and to live the plant can be up to 400 years old!

There are many varieties of pistachio trees, most often, they grow alone, however, sometimes you can find small groves.

The flowering period of the "trees of life" falls on the first spring months, and it is believed that this is truly a wonderful spectacle, which everyone, at least once in their life, should admire. By the end of summer or the beginning of autumn, the seeds begin to ripen, the shell begins to open, with a characteristic clatter.

The core, which we used to call a nutlet, in its mature state has a pleasant green color, and the shell, under the influence of the sun's rays, begins to emit special essential oils, from an overabundance of which a person can even feel dizzy.

Here is such a nut

In small quantities, a pair of such oils are even useful, so in folk medicine they are often used to raise a healthy tone, it is not for nothing that pistachios are also called “nuts of excellent mood”.

And although pistachios are a very tasty product that has been widely used in the culinary field, this is not the only plus of the fruits of the “tree of life”.

The most important thing is that they are very useful for the human body, and, unlike other nuts, they very harmoniously combine the caloric content and the level of amino acids, useful and mineral substances, vitamins.

And, indeed, 100 g of this product contains only 550-600 calories, which ensures them the status of the lowest-calorie nuts among those known and loved by us. That is why they are periodically called dietary and even recommended for use to those people who are on weight loss diets.

The only thing to remember is that the daily rate of such a product is no more than 10-15 nuts, because with a glut of pistachios you can even harm your body. By the way, nausea and slight dizziness - this is only the minimum of the possible consequences.

Composition and useful properties

Due to the rich composition and unique compounds that are contained in one small seed, pistachios have long ago acquired the status of a valuable, therapeutic and very useful product for the human body.

Where such “fruits of life” grow, you can find their second name - “rejuvenating”, because the unique substances contained in them are akin to antioxidants, which are able to prolong our beauty and youthful cells.

Useful and tasty

It should be noted that such nuts have a great nutritional value, because 50 g of fat per 100 g of the product accounts for as much as proteins, they take second place in quantitative composition!

It turns out that eating only a few handfuls of such seeds can be very satisfying, and most importantly, it is useful to eat.

As with all valuable natural products, pistachios also had a place for vitamins: most of them contain B vitamins, especially B6. In second place - vitamin PP, then go, no less important, E and C, also contains a small amount of vitamin A.

Naturally, the useful properties do not end there: the number of trace elements and minerals is large, among which manganese, copper and phosphorus are among the leading ones, then iron, magnesium and potassium. In addition to them, zinc, calcium and selenium are found in small amounts.

Not to mention a fairly wide range of amino acids: in total, pistachios contain 12 essential essential amino acids, among them tryptophan, isoleucine, valine and others. It is worth noting the high content of replaceable amino acids, including glutamic acid, proline, serine and many others.

Benefits for the body

Regular consumption of such nuts in food allows you to normalize the work of the liver, especially effective for disturbing hepatic colic.In addition, pistachios can be used as an additional tool in the treatment of anemia or jaundice.

It has long been recognized that pistachios are not just healthy nuts, they are an excellent natural remedy that easily quenches hunger, helps to restore strength, and is an excellent prophylactic against many diseases.

Great combination

The advantage of such a product is that their processing does not require any chemical intervention, which means that they belong to environmentally friendly products suitable for clinical nutrition. True, those salted pistachios, which we used to buy in packs, are still soaked before drying in salt water.

It has also long been observed that pistachios are a powerful natural aphrodisiac, which is very useful for men: regular consumption of them can increase sexual potency, even change the quality of sperm for the better they can!

It’s hard to clean

It should also be noted that such “rejuvenating seeds” are very useful for people with heart diseases, as they strengthen the blood vessels well and soothe the intense heartbeat. Plus, they also have a beneficial effect on vision, as well as improve brain activity, which is why they are recommended for use by people who are heavily engaged in mental work.

Pistachios also help with respiratory diseases, they are even prescribed for such a serious disease as tuberculosis.

Pistachios are very successfully used in cooking: they can be used to make incredibly tasty confectionery, they also decorate cakes, cookies and pies, and in some countries they are also an indispensable component of some dishes of national cuisine.

With the addition of pistachios, you can make very rich and tasty salads, and some gourmets prefer to absorb them exclusively with cream sauce and strawberries.

But what about the cons?

It should be noted that despite not all the positive properties of such amazing nuts, there are a number of contraindications, in the presence of which their use should be reduced to a minimum or completely eliminated.

This is especially true of people who suffer from allergies, because they are considered a powerful allergen, which in some cases can even cause anaphylactic shock.

Also with this product should be cautious for people who often suffer from high blood pressure, especially, it is undesirable for them to use salted nuts.

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