Phrases that are not worth talking lonely girlfriend

Now imagine that such touching and attentive in her surroundings is mother, grandmother, a dozen girlfriends and as many female colleagues — already full, but only this very “half” is the last thing your single girlfriend thinks about. Imagine that even if she does not mind once to meet a hot-faced handsome man and start a family with him, your lamentations will not be of any use to her. Realize that not all single girls suffer from loneliness, but most of them always feel awkward at the moment when someone wants to give them invaluable advice on how to live in this world.

So, regardless of your personal status, learn not to measure people according to the principle “everyone should be like me.” If you do not want to lose a good girlfriend simply because you have a man and she doesn’t have it, learn to never say these eight phrases with her

Phrase number 1: “Have you tried to leave the house more often? Did you register on dating sites? ”

You think:after work on Friday night, she probably comes home in tears, makes strong tea for herself, wraps herself in a fur scarf, invites all her cats to her sofa and turns on some languid black-and-white film with a happy ending and cries over the ending until Sunday .

Actually:while you and your husband spent the whole Saturday at Auchan, she managed to run to the film festival, buy herself a new dress, and then mark it all with her friends at the bar, and on Sunday she had two meetings scheduled for the evening — one with a view to “just chat ", another for sex. And no, she does not consider any of the partners as a husband.

Phrases that are not worth talking lonely girlfriend

Phrase number 2: "So let me introduce you to N., he just recently broke up with his wife!"

You think:on bezrybe, as they say ... Let him go away entertained with this type, because it is better to live with a poor thing who "gives in to marriage" than just one.

Actually:lonely girls know that some of their friends shamelessly from time to time resort to romantic recycling: they will slip an alcoholic abandoned by his wife, or some botanist in glasses and a tummy will be brought to a general meeting,sometimes they are brazenly trying to hint to all the lonely guys in the district (including the womanizer), that in their sight there is one relationship-hungry girl. BORROW!

Phrase number 3: "But the years are coming ..."

You think:The biological clock! Everyone should think about the biological clock, until they even give birth to the first child! You still remember this feeling that you experienced from your first child: sleepless nights, cramps, teeth, but at least you don’t need to think about biological clocks anymore ...

Actually:no one argues with the fact that the years go by, but who decides who they are having more fun and more interesting? If your girlfriend in a year suddenly quits a boring job and flies to Asia for the whole winter, and you stay with worries and loans in invigorating cold, you vow to promise to still remind her that “life is passing by” and all that?

Phrases that are not worth talking lonely girlfriend

Phrase number 4: "But the family is the main thing"

You think:No, well, who will she give this damned glass of water? This thought makes you so strong that you do not forget to remind your children about once a week that they have to learn and work in order to help parents in the future, and let them just try to dump and get rid of something.

Actually:if a person is not born an orphan, then he definitely has a family, and, most likely, your girlfriend has someone to share such pleasant moments as the New Year or the celebration of a new appointment. And surely she has good friends and girlfriends, in the company of which she feels loved, and it is even possible that this company will have a greater life experience than your marriage, secured by all the stamps.

Phrase number 5: "I would advise you to demand less from men and not be so picky."

You think:You reconciled that your husband since childhood does not know how to wash dishes and suffers from acute allergies to the order in the apartment, and sometimes you can eat garlic so much that you want to open all the vents to ventilate the apartment. But these are all household trifles, when there is LOVE!

Actually:She kicked the last guy out of the house because he said that she should cook him breakfast and dinner simply because she earns more and sits at work longer. After his disappearance, she had two extra hours a day at the gym, and this is an incomparable feeling when you come home, take a bath with foam and understand that you do not need to serve anyone.

Phrases that are not worth talking lonely girlfriend

Phrase number 6: “Maybe you should do“ work on the mistakes ”and treat men differently?”

You think:that a woman does not have a peasant, only a woman is to blame. And the point.

Actually:all these parables about the fact that it is enough just to change yourself and your destiny will overtake you, have come up with pseudo-psychologists from women's magazines and people who create trainings "How to become a goddess of oral sex." And yes, so that you understand the alignment of ours for a long time not of the Silver Age: if a girl is independent and self-sufficient, then she hardly likes to clap her eyes like a fool and be silent about the stories about his successes. She just wants to be herself, to finish her studies in the fifth foreign language already in her free time from idiotic trainings and not to bathe.

Phrase number 7: "Damn, you have so much free time!"

You think:between single women and freelancers have something in common - everyone thinks they are inveterate idlers. And lonely women are also terrible egoists and sometimes childfree, they don’t care about the fact that the demographics in the country go to hell and men literally groan without care.

Actually:her schedule can be as rich as yours, but with only one difference - she builds it,based on their priorities, desires, and, naturally, little guilty pleasures (where without them!), unlike women, who promoted to marry solely so that they did not have time to even comb their hair.

Phrases that are not worth talking lonely girlfriend

Phrase number 8: "I believe that you will find your love and your hour will surely come!"

You think:every woman all 24 hours of all 360-odd days in a year is waiting for this magical moment. How good it is that you met your Kolka in the last years of school and were the first to get off!

Actually:Some element of luck is present in finding not only the husband, but also all the people you encounter in life. For example, with the proposal of a hand and heart to your lonely friend, only some goats really fell down - not to compare with Kolka! - but she could be lucky more than you, in other areas of life - in money, in a career, in a stable 8-hour dream, in the number of orgasms over the past week, for example.

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