Personal experience: how I lost 5 kilograms in 4 days

She also restored sleep patterns and began to feel her body.

Editor decided to challenge and set himself a high bar: to lose weight by the summer in a matter of days. Then she didn’t even know with what methods she would say goodbye to those extra pounds.


I am 27 years old, and I weigh 65 kilograms, which, with my height (160), is quite a lot. Although my girlfriends and girls at work say that I look harmonious in my weight (I hope they do not flatter me), it seems to me that I need to throw at least 10 kilograms. Therefore, when I was offered to lose weight as quickly as possible and at the same time without harm to health, I thought: “Well, isn't it a miracle?” - and immediately agreed.

Monday, disastrous for me is 8:30 in the morning. I, sleepy and unhappy, go to a certain doctor Elkin so that he can lose me in 4 days. I decide to look for information on the Internet in order to understand a little where I am going. On a search query: "Dr. Elkin" I see an incredible number of interviews, articles and notes. A sleepy brain tries in vain to grasp the essence.I only understand that something more awaits me than consultation on nutrition and anti-cellulite massage.

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Dr. Elkin greets me kindly and asks me to identify the problem with which I came to him. I find his question strange, because it is clear that I have come to lose weight. Why else? Leonid Arkadevich patiently explains to me that he is not engaged in losing weight at all, but in general healing of the body.

Who is Dr. Elkin

Leonid Arkadyevich is a sociable and good-natured person. Willingly answered any questions and talked about his life. Leonid Arkadyevich has a rich past in medicine. Being a surgeon of the highest category, the doctor for many years carried out the most complicated obstetric-gynecological operations. And for three years, Elkin studied under the guidance of a Chinese monk, studying the technique of recovery, thanks to which he now helps people.

Dr. Elkin
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The essence of the method

When I began to voice all my wishes and concerns about my weight, I was preparing for the doctor to begin a long conversation about the importance of eating right, and begin to paint my diet for a week.But he told me: "Take off your clothes." I admit it as a spirit, it was my first experience when I stripped naked after a 15-minute conversation with a man. The session began with my naked reflection in the mirror. Dr. Elkin identified problem areas on his body and colorfully described a picture of how I can look, and most importantly, I will if I pass the course of his therapy.

Chest and booty taller, waist already, legs slimmer - it sounds gorgeous. Get down, doctor, I'm ready!

Already lying on the massage table, feeling the chaotic touch of Leonid Arkadyevich, I find out what his method is. The doctor explained that he heals with his energy, which he betrays to the patient through his hands. In general, Elkin works in three directions at once. The first is manual modeling, the work with palms and fingers over special zones and points on the face and body, which changes the hormonal and enzymatic level of the body, as well as yoga sessions and proper nutrition. The second component is work with energy channels. This method is based on Eastern practices and is very effective, as it has a powerful positive effect on the functions of internal organs and the general condition of a person.And finally, the third stage is a psychological adjustment: the removal of internal tension, the release of emotional forces, the programming of consciousness to launch creative forces.

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Dr. Elkin's method is not only a combination of acupressure techniques for contact energy exposure, but also an unconditional knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of all body structures, a reasonable application of the whole range of restorative medicine techniques, including manual therapy, some aspects of applied kinesiology and craniosacral therapy. The doctor attaches great importance to changing the structure of the patient’s nutrition, and considers his main task to befriend the patient’s head with the body and to teach him awareness.


Leonid Arkadevich works with each patient individually. I was recommended by the doctor to say goodbye to pasta (of any kind) and red wine. In general, goodbye, my gastronomic dreams of living in Italy. In addition, Dr. Elkin sincerely resented who and why he came up with the myth that a person needs to drink more than two waters a day. Two liters is the maximum, and that is not pure water, but liquid as a whole.Including coffee, juices and even soups. Excess fluid disrupts the kidneys and leads to unwanted edema.

Leonid Arkadyevich is also convinced that milk is contraindicated for an adult, and exaggerate the benefits of green tea, according to the doctor, black tea is much more useful. The rest of the doctor promotes moderation, prohibiting yourself does not cost anything, but to feel a feeling of fullness and not to overeat learning is worth it.

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Lifehacks from Elkina

1. Soda + Chocolate

The combination of soda and bitter chocolate is extremely beneficial for the body. Thanks to gazikam magnesium, which is contained in chocolate, is perfectly absorbed. Plus carbonated water instantly nourishes the skin cells.

2. Rule 10 seconds

We open the refrigerator, count to ten, during this time we realize that we really do not want to, close the refrigerator. 10 seconds is enough to reach out to your true desires and not to fall for a passing impulse.

3. Water, stone, wood

In other words, the sea, the mountains and the trees are the main sources of energy for humans. Nothing fills people with positiveness and vitality than intelligent contemplation of natural beauties.In addition, delicious food, good movies, a warm bath, and of course, love help to fill the balance of vitality. And it does not matter to a partner, family, friends or even pets.


A full course of recovery lasts 12 days, 3 times a week. I was allotted only 4 days. The doctor immediately warned that he would not be able to create a miracle in such a short period of time, but the recovery process would start, at a minimum, digestion and sleep would be normalized.

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If you are attentive enough to your body, general condition and sensations, then after the first session you can see positive changes. I am grateful to Leonid Arkadyevich at least for the fact that now I fall asleep and wake up as if by an internal timer - at the same time. Firstly, it is very convenient, secondly, the general condition improves, mood and performance increase. Also, the doctor managed to stretch a thin thread from the head to the body. Understanding your desires is the foundation, without which no change has any meaning.

Have I lost weight? Paradoxically, the numbers on the scales had already lost their significance by the second session.I will say this, the disapproving marks on my stomach from my tight jeans are gone, the clothes began to sit better, and according to my inner feelings I became lighter.

These changes can not be compared with what you get after a strict diet and grueling workouts, because they go from the inside and stay with you forever.

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