Stone painting: a master class for beginners

Painting stones with acrylic paints can be a hobby for one summer, and can become a real hobby that will help you transform the world around you.

Even a simple dotted mandala on a stone will become a highlight of your yard or garden, not to mention more complex original drawings.

Stone painting: master -class for beginners

It will not be difficult to master painting on stones for beginners: by building their work step by step, they will be able to get at least an effective result than the aces of their work. All you need to get to work is to stock up on stones with a smooth surface (it is better to take rough pebbles), acrylic paints and, of course, patience. This process does not accept fuss and haste. Taking the next stone, try to feel the feeling of constancy and slowness of being, which it carries in itself.

So, first of all, we select flat stones with a rough surface.For the image of a mandala, spherical or oval-shaped stones are suitable.

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