Soldering Station

Soldering station Good afternoon, dear readers! Today we will talk about assembling a soldering station. So, let's go! And it all started with the fact that I came across this transformer: It's 26 Volts, 50 Watt. As soon as I saw it, a brilliant.

Furniture hinges

Furniture hinges In order for the furniture not only to look spectacular, but also last more than one decade, it is extremely important to use high-quality and reliable fasteners. Extremely important role in achieving this goal is played by hinges for furniture - functional.

Napkin Topiary

Napkin Topiary If you want to bring a little creativity into your already familiar interior, you can create an original topiary that will decorate your home. Topiary from napkins are often used by European florists, and you have a great chance to apply your.

Birthday card

birthday card This card will need the most affordable and unpretentious materials: - drawing paper / thick paper / cardboard - acrylic paints - simple pencil (softness 2M and higher) - brush - glue - water container - black gel pen - medium thickness.

Woven rag rug

Woven rag rug Braided rug from shreds- make a beautiful and bright rug from old clothes or just scraps of cloth. A great way to give a second life to old things. Materials and tools: old t-shirts (or other clothes); scissors; sewing machine; thread.

Sweet Turtle

Sweet Turtle Does your baby love toys? Every mother tries to pamper her child with new soft friends. Imagine how nice it would be for a child to get a toy that his mother made herself and especially for him. Now I'll show you.


Handicrafts Many people think that gifts must be purchased exclusively in stores and pay a lot of money for them. In fact, everything is not so. Surely you have noticed how the mother’s eyes shine with joy when the child gives her a gift.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear I present to you the step-by-step process of making a moving toy of paper "Bear". The master class will be useful for primary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, young parents who have a small child. She will seem to the child interesting because.

Keep calm

Keep calm You should almost always be calm. Good manners imply respect for the wishes and needs of others, but they do not mean that you give up your own thoughts and feelings. No one will force you to abandon the idea that partners.


Chrysanthemum The tapes can make the most unusual jewelry. The most common today for the manufacture of jewelry can be called kanzashi technique. I propose to make a chrysanthemum flower for the decoration of clothes, hairstyles, etc. For making chrysanthemums, you will need a.

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