"Pacific border - 2" and another 5 class movie premiere of the week

Producer:Stephen C. DeNight
Cast:John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Kayley Spani, Bern Gorman, Charlie Day

The continuation of a fantastic blockbuster about monsters attacking our planet, and about people who are in costumes of huge robots confront aliens. For those who like to spend the evening watching how huge robots fight vile monsters, all around, the “Pacific Rim 2” is not the worst choice.
Ten years have passed since the events of the first part, so the characters here are new. There were also new, more perfect robots, not requiring that the pilots were inside.
The first part was directed now by Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro, but during the filming of the Pacific Rim - 2, he needed to be engaged in the “Form of Water”. So in the director's chair was Stephen S. DeNayt, for which this is the first full-length project.

“You have never been here”

Rated in Cannes art-house thriller about the heartache of the character Joaquin Phoenix

Producer:Lynn Ramsey
Cast:Joaquin Phoenix, Dante Pereira-Olson, Vinicius Damasseno, Neo Randall, Judith Anna Roberts

Severe Joe (bearded Joaquin Phoenix), a former CIA agent with a bunch of mental trauma, helps people get out of serious situations. Once he is hired by a senator from whom his daughter was kidnapped. Joe rescues a blond girl from a brothel, but finds out that there are very difficult people behind the abduction.
This mystical thriller won two awards at the Cannes Film Festival: Joaquin Phoenix won the prize for best actor, and director and screenwriter Lynn Ramsey won the award for Best Script.
Music was written by Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead, and the magic of his soundtracks many moviegoers have already managed to evaluate, among other things, on "The Phantom thread."

"Race of the Century"

The tragic journey on a yacht around the world

Producer:James Marsh
Cast:Colin Firth, Rachel Weiss, David Thewlis, Mark Gateis

In 1968, the British Donald Crowhurst alone went into the world race on a perfectly equipped yacht. For him, the race became a matter of life: in order to equip the yacht with the necessary things, Donald got into big debts.In the journey, realizing that he was far behind his rivals, Crowhurst decided to deceive: he began to keep a fake logbook and reported fake data about his finding. This fact does not prevent the yachtsman, performed by Colin Firth, from looking like a swindler and a liar, but a heroic loser who believes in great deeds.

"Strangers: Brutal Games"

Horror about three manipulative maniacs in masks

Producer:Johannes Roberts
Cast:Christina Hendricks, Bailey Madison, Emma Bellomi, Martin Henderson, Damien Maffei

Eleven years ago, the first "Strangers" came out, becoming a successful debut directed by Brian Bertino. There, three masked maniacs killed not so much as scared the heroes and played cruel psychological games with them.
In the sequel, the script of which was written by the same Bertino, we are once again in front of an ordinary family, to which three masked psychopaths opened a hunt. Will we see their faces this time?

"Midnight Sun"

Romantic story about love without daylight

Producer:Scott Spear
Cast:Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rob Riggle, Quinn Shepard, Ken Tremblett

Young Katie has a rare disease: she does not tolerate sunlight and only leads evening and nightlife.Once on a girl draws the attention of Charlie, in whom she was in love in childhood.
“The Midnight Sun” is the first big role of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 24-year-old son. Patrick Schwarzenegger fit into the love melodrama, playing a romantic guy who is ready to help the girl and become the only one.

Peter Rabbit

A semi-multi about the relationship of a cheerful rabbit and an awkward farmer

Producer:Will Glack
Cast:Donal Gleason, Rose Byrne, Sam Neal

The screen version of the book of a British children's writer Beatrice Potter about how forest animals attack the farm garden. The role of the young farmer was performed by Donal Gleason, his neighbor, the artist, played by Rose Byrne, and all the charming little animals, including the rabbit Peter, cartoonish.
Donal Gleeson and Rose Byrne look good next to rabbits in frock-coats, and from director Will Will Gluck after "Excellent Light Worker" and "Sex for Friendship" you can easily wait for light witty comedies.

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