Oxycodone: What You Need To Know


How to get the most from your Oxycodone Coupon

The cost of 120 5-mg tablets of oxycodone is around .85. This is 70 percent off the average retail price of .98.
The cost of 1 5-mg pill of oxycodone is .15. The initial dose for treating moderate to severe pain is 5 to 15 mg every 4 to 6 hours as needed. Dosing generally ranges from 5 to 20 mg per dose. For severe chronic pain, administer on a regularly scheduled basis, every 4 to 6 hours, at the lowest dose that will achieve adequate pain relief.
The price for a bottle of 90 10-mg tablets of oxycodone is with free discount, up to cash price.
The retail price of 120 5-mg tablets of oxycodone is around .98.
Oxycodone is a prescription-only analgesic opioid. It is a controlled substance that requires a doctor’s prescription.
To get a prescription for oxycodone for moderate to severe pain, see your doctor or go to a walk-in clinic or the emergency department of a hospital.
Oxycodone is a strong analgesic opioid that is unavailable without a doctor’s prescription.
Oxycodone is a controlled pain medication and cannot be sold without a doctor’s prescription. Even with a doctor’s prescription, the use of oxycodone may be limited.
Generic oxycodone is covered by most Medicare and insurance plans, but some pharmacy coupons or cash prices may be lower.
The price of oxycodone with insurance varies, depending on what your health insurer or Medicare pays for the drug and what your copay is.
The retail price of 90 10-mg tablets of oxycodone without insurance is around . This price is variable, depending on the manufacture’s price, the dispensing pharmacy, and the use of manufacturer and pharmacy coupons to offset the cost. Because this is a controlled substance, some pharmacies may not honor coupons for this drug.
Patient assistance programs (PAPs) are usually sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. These programs provide free or discounted medicines to people who meet specific guidelines. Eligibility requirements vary for each program. To save money on your prescription for oxycodone, ask your doctor if you can get a higher dosage and split the pills.
Common alternatives to oxycodone include Ultram (tramadol), Roxicodone (oxycodone), Kadian (morphine ER), MS Contin (morphine ER), Dilaudid (hydromorphone), Methadose (methadone), Dolophine (methadone), Duragesix (fentanyl), morphine, Conzip (tramadol ER), Ultram ER (tramadol ER), Nucynta (tapentadol), oxymorphone ER, Demerol (meperidine), Nucynta ER, and codeine, among others.
Oxycodone is the generic version of the brand-name drug OxyContin.
With a doctor’s prescription, you can buy oxycodone online from a licensed pharmacy, if they sell controlled substances. If you want to check the legitimacy of an online pharmacy you can look up the pharmacy's site at LegitScript.com. Medication distributed from internet sales may contain dangerous ingredients, or may not be distributed by a licensed pharmacy.
If you want to use an online pharmacy, look for those that operate in the United States with a web address ending in “.pharmacy,” or those that carry the VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site) symbol. That indicates that an online pharmacy meets strict standards set by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.
Oxycodone is a controlled substance and is not available over the counter.
Oxycodone is a relatively inexpensive generic drug. There is no guarantee that the price of oxycodone will come down anytime soon, as manufacturer’s and pharmacies set the prices. In fact, the price may go higher depending on the manufacturer’s cost, marketing, and supply and demand.
The price of oxycodone is relatively inexpensive when compared with other brand name opioid pain relievers. If you’d like to get oxycodone at a lower price, try paying cash or using coupons or drug cards.

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