Original ideas for small tattoos on the leg.

If you decide on a tattoo, but are not ready for cardinal changes, then apply a small pattern on your leg. But first decide on a specific place and image.

Why exactly leg?

Why is it worth it to make a tattoo on his leg? Firstly, in this case, the drawing will not be evident. Secondly, it can be hidden from prying eyes, wearing suitable clothes or shoes. Thirdly, a tattoo on the leg is stylish and sexy, it will be an excellent permanent adornment that will stay with you for life. Fourthly, in some areas of the legs, the skin is not stretched, which will ensure the safety of the pattern and prevent its deformation.

Which place to choose?

Female tattoos are usually made on such parts of the leg as the ankle, thigh or foot, they are considered the sexiest and are ideal for applying drawings. Men, as a rule, choose calves and shins, because these zones are the most developed and relatively extensive.

What tattoo to choose?

Which picture to choose? If you plan to invest in it a special meaning and believe in the power of wearable images, then the choice should be approached with all the responsibility. But you can use a stylish picture for the image, in which case it should be beautiful and original. Examples of small male tattoo for men and girls will be discussed below.

Tattoos for girls

Ideas of female tattoos:

  • Various bracelets. They do not carry any meaning, but they look feminine and make women's legs even more elegant.
  • Patterns, for example, curlicues, intersecting rounded and smooth lines, and so on. They also do not matter, but look gentle and romantic.
  • Stars look feminine and original. What do these celestial bodies mean? They are usually associated with luck, luck, success, or fame; many celebrities put them on their bodies.
  • The butterfly will decorate the female leg. In addition, you can put a special meaning in the drawing, because it means fragility, purity of soul, beauty, freedom and lightness.
  • A small beautiful bow can also be quite appropriate on the foot and remain discreet and elegant.Such a drawing can be a stylish decoration or it can be associated with romanticism, amorousness, some kind of frivolity peculiar to girls.
  • The inscription in any language.
  • The feather will decorate the body of the girl and complement her romantic image. Its main values ​​are morality, flight of the soul, purity, dreams, hopes, renewal, willpower, desire for victory.
  • Flowers, like nothing else, are suitable for girls. A small tattoo with a peony, lotus, rose or other beautiful flower can flaunt on your leg.
  • On the ankle or foot, you can place the sun, signifying the eternal life of the soul, luck in everything, purity of intentions, freedom and love of life.
  • Suitable for application on the leg and various birds, such as swallows, hummingbirds and others.
  • The crown will show your superiority.
  • Notes will appreciate music lovers.
  • Ladybird - the cutest insect.
  • Another great option for a girl is a diamond, personifying a special status in society, wealth, abundance, significance.
  • The heart is a gentle and funny symbol of love.
  • A dragonfly can personify ease, hovering.
  • Anchor means stamina, overcoming obstacles, the path to the goal.
  • You can portray a cute boat associated with the sea elements and the burden of travel.
  • Choose some personal talisman, meaning for you.

Tattoos for guys

Variants of male tattoos:

  • Elements of biomechanics - mechanisms or details that appear through the flesh.
  • Various weapons, for example, a pistol, a bow with arrows, a sword. These items can mean protection and courage.
  • The dragon personifies strength, special abilities and power.
  • An anchor depicted on a shin or calf is also quite suitable for a man.
  • The cross can symbolize faith in God and act as a guardian.
  • You can portray the face or silhouette of an animal with which a man associates himself, for example, a wolf, a bear, a tiger, a lion.
  • Runes. Having chosen a suitable symbol, enclose your special meaning in it and make the image your life principle or guardian.
  • The guys, like girls, are suitable inscriptions, for example, some kind of winged statements or personal judgments.
  • Beautiful and symbolic Celtic patterns are endowed with a special meaning and value, and they can be small in size, therefore they are ideal for applying to the legs.
  • The skull is a kind of awareness of the transience of worldly existence, the inevitability of its end. And he can act as a reminder that you need to take everything from life.
  • Pirate badge can mean a craving for adventure and adventure.

Now you can decide on the choice and make a stylish and interesting tattoo on your leg.

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