Oksana Fedorova told how to behave with a man in marriage

Miss Universe advised women to pacify the rebelliousness.

Seven years ago, the TV presenter married Andrei Borodin, the couple have two children: the son of Fyodor and the daughter Lisa. Since then, Oksana often says that her main achievement is not at all the crown of the Miss Universe, which, by the way, she received first and only among Russians, but a family.

Fans constantly ask Fedorova a variety of questions in social networks. Including personal life. One of the girls asked Oksana to share her experience on how to choose a man to create a family, give birth and bring up children. TV presenter did not ignore the question. However, some girls her answer puzzled.

Oksana and her son Fedya
Photo: legion-media

“When you are so responsibly approaching the choice of a husband and father for children, this is good. Girls need to pacify their rebelliousness and accept that the head of the family is a man, that you are ready to obey him, not to pester with claims, they kill love, but to be a true friend in life under any circumstances, ”advised Fedorova.

For the most part, subscribers subscribed unanimously to Oksana, but there were also those who began to discuss the star's statements on social networks and argue, they say, such a position of humility and submissiveness is not suitable for everyone, and in such ways one can achieve that you simply lose the right to vote.

Talking about her family, Fedorova said earlier that all global decisions were made by her husband, including those related to finances.

“My belief is this: in order to maintain good relations with her husband, a woman should not be wasteful. She should be wise in financial matters and do as her husband blesses. That's how much blessed to spend on food, this will be the table. A man should understand this and take responsibility. We have household expenses and payments of all kinds of bills at home controlled by me.

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