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Oily and problem skin

Very oily skin, constantly shiny. Still constantly some kind of rash, especially on the forehead and cheeks! What remedies will advise. I am 15 years old


You must use the following home professional care products: cleanser, lotion, cream. All products must be free of alcohol, AHA acids, but with seborrhea action.


excuse me for wedging in, but can I wipe my face with vodka?

No, of course, you dry up your face !!!!

drink beer yeast, and lotion from libriderm for deep cleaning (it just has a cleansing, antiseptic, seborrheating and matting effect)

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For washing with gel it is better to use a special brush or sponge for the face, which provides a deeper cleansing of the pores of sebum. The cleanser is applied to damp skin, and a gentle massaging movement is performed with a brush or sponge for 2-3 minutes. After that, rinse your face with water and blot with a towel.To wipe with lotion Seratsin and further active cream Seratsin point application.

I have oily skin, enlarged pores, acne, especially in summer from sweat. 2 years ago I was in Italy and went to the salon, the beautician said right away: problems from poor skin cleansing.

It is not necessary to clean the face with cosmetics, and most importantly - mechanically. I bought an Italian natural sponge with a cotton sponge for cleaning and rejuvenating the skin of the face.

Sponge does two main things: washes the skin, the skin is immediately soft, moisturized. Great thing for washing.

Another sponge makes a thorough skin cleaning - removes all dirty old cells with sweat, sebum, makeup residues, etc. Removes all irregularities and the skin becomes smooth, delicate and beautiful. After such a face cleansing, there are never any acne, black spots, enlarged pores. The skin is kept clean all day.

If the skin is oily and acne constantly appears, then this problem can be solved with the help of retasol. It reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, tightens pores. In general, it gives a very good effect.

In 15 years, no means, alas, will not help. Acne is the result of increased reproduction of bacteria. And it is the result of enhanced sebum production.And this in turn is the result of the "hormonal storm" of puberty. And in order to get rid of acne, we must wait until everything in the body "settles down". Trying to balance the hormones is a very bad idea. So, it remains to fight acne only after their appearance, with the help of antiseptics, for example, benzyl benzoate. But they will still appear from time to time, alas.

I understand you, I, too, was so, I advise you to apply alcohol-containing agents, salicylic, calendula tincture on the rashes, the main point, and then dry out the skin. Wash micellar water, if you do not know what is chistaya-linia micellar water for. ru / articles / 5-prichin-snimat-makiyazh-na-noch you can read it here, be sure to include the cream in your care, which is not greasy, from the Pure Line, for example, they have good working compositions.

Better fat than dry and fast aging.

Oily skin is not a problem if properly care for it. Firstly, cleansing is necessary to deeply clean the pores, remove oily shine, prevent the appearance of inflammatory elements and do not overdry the skin (otherwise the skin will release more sebum more intensively).Ideal for you in the morning - Vichy Normaderm deeply cleansing gel, foaming a small amount in your palms and applying massaging movements to your face, washing it off. This tool with a powdery texture neutralizes all causes of oily shine, has a strong absorbent property, the skin will be clean and matte throughout the day. Very light fresh cream texture, instantly absorbed. The result will be noticed immediately - the skin will behave correctly all day. In the evening, clean the skin in the same way, and then apply Vichy Normaderm cream night care-detox, which eliminates excess sebum produced at night, tightens pores, smoothes the skin surface. These products are sold only in a pharmacy. Proper skin care is the key to excellent well-being!

I advise you, as you requested, the author — the Joyskin pharmacy series for oily, problem and sensitive skin — will suit you, I guarantee. Without alcohol, without parabens and dyes, without soap - everything is rational. In my daily care - tonic, cleansing gel, cream for morning and evening.If you need to stop the rash, buy a point gel against inflammation. Cosmetics inexpensive, but very effective

Listen, well, at the age of 15 you can simply add a matting tonic to the care and no problems. Even ordinary matting wipes for three seconds will solve all the problems.

Another thing, if oily skin with rashes. Then it is better to consult a dermatologist. Even at the age of 25, acne can appear and should be treated with a doctor.

In cosmetology, frau clinics, a girlfriend underwent a course of photobiomodulation procedures, for problem skin there was a master. After all, photobiomodulation deep cleans the epidermis, normalizes hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

Well, it happens that, at any age, you seem to buy good cosmetic cosmetics, but there is no result.

IMHO, it is better to go in the case of the author to the beautician to find home care that will fit the skin type.

It will be necessary to read about this procedure, to be honest, for the first time I hear it, and there are shares on it at Frau clinics, you did not specify the cost?

As I understand you, I had an eternal problem with acne.

Salcura acne spray is very good, the skin is clean and has become greasy and not as it used to be. The skin has changed for the better.

It may be necessary to make masks.

Considering that you are now in a transitional age, I can advise you not to worry much about this, because now the body is undergoing hormonal restructuring, you just need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and soon it will pass. But in order that the situation does not become quite neglected, read here.https://belady.online/beauty/face/ugri-na-litse-lechenie-v-domashnih-usloviyah/on how you can treat rashes, in particular, acne on the face. I also had such a problem)) Zinerit just helped me, which is mentioned here, as well as the masks that regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, my favorite is kefir. In general, the care is simple, the main thing is to do everything in a complex!))

Need gels for washing. It is necessary to dry the skin.

In principle, you can use retasol since 11 years old .. My sister has been treating them, though she was already 18.

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