Now you can knit hats .... swinging in a chair and reading a newspaper

Mankind has always dreamed of combining business with pleasure. And thanks to one incredible invention, it finally became possible! Now laziness and rest can be transformed into useful work. But only if you rest on a special chair that makes a hat of a simple cut out of yarn while you are swinging

A special mechanism converts the energy of motion and gives impulse to the program, which creates a knitted product. The device works by rotating several gears.

While the device works, you can devote yourself to any business. Read the newspaper or socialize with friends on social networks, most importantly do not forget to swing. After some time, your relaxing holiday will bring excellent results.

You can observe the process of knitting right during the swing process. The cap is created before your eyes, as quickly as you swing.

The most interesting thing is that any reproaches of idleness and idleness, you can now answer, "I knit!"

But what is the result?

The device can not boast of a variety of models.

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