Nobel laureate in literature announced

Last year, the Nobel Prize for literature, as we recall, was musician Bob Dylan. The blogs discussed for a long time whether he deserves a prize, trying to decipher the committee's ornate wording "for creating new art forms and continuing the great traditions of the American song." But then the year flew by, and it's time to find out the name of the new laureate. They became the British writer of Japanese origin, Kazuo Ishiguro, author of the novels “Rest of the Day” (monologue of an elderly butler, recalling life that has flown by), “Don't Let Me Go” (dystopia about the boarding school pupils) and “The Buried Giant” (a novel about memory and oblivion, released in 2015).

“The works of Isiguro, possessing an incredible emotional power, reveal the abyss under our illusory connection with the world,” explained their choice in the Nobel Committee. Well, if you haven’t read Kazuo Ishiguro yet, you now have a book plan for autumn evenings.

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