Cover for netbook (laptop) in the form of a book

Cover for a netbook (laptop)from a hardcover book with your own hands - an interesting project, despite the fact that quite a lot of similar projects; the result is a full-fledged beautiful and unusualcover for a netbook (laptop), which will attract the attention of others and can be easily hidden on a bookshelf (if you store valuable and important information on a netbook (laptop)).

Materials and tools:

  1. office knife;
  2. epoxy;
  3. pencil, ruler;
  4. a zipper of a suitable size (buy in a store or, as here, from a zipper folder);
  5. needle, thread;
  6. hardcover book (only cover required);
  7. netbook (laptop).

Step 1

First you need to find the right hardcover book. For example, an old book with an interesting cover, or a book you like, or any hardcover book and decorate the cover yourself, rely on your taste.Make sure that the selected book is larger than a netbook (laptop) in size (length, width, thickness) - measure the netbook and the book (stock in length and width from about 1-3 cm). Remove from the book page and leave only the cover.

Step 2

Lightning - either buy a suitable size in the store, or (as here) a zipper was taken from an unnecessary folder for papers. If the second option: carefully cut off the zipper from the folder so that the dog does not fly out, bend the zipper at the ends of the zipper and sew it with threads (see figure).

Step 3

To avoid overheating the netbook, make holes in the cover of the book for air circulation and good cooling.

Let's take a netbook and measure the distances and dimensions to the battery and air vents; We transfer the resulting dimensions to the cover and cut out the holes with a stationery knife. Holes inside the promazhem a small amount of glue PVA, so that the cover does not exfoliate and had a good appearance.

Step 4

Glue the zipper to the cover. Let's take the cover and the zipper and try it on, on the inside with a pencil and a ruler, let's outline an approximate place for gluing lightning.Unzip the zipper and proceed to gluing: apply epoxy glue along the marked line and starting from the root of the cover we will begin to gently glue the zipper. In this way, glue the zipper first to one side of the cover, then to the other. Leave until the glue dries.

After the glue dries. We make corners for attaching a netbook to the cover. Take a wide elastic band (or a strip of fabric) of the same color as the zipper, and glue in the corners of the cover (see picture).

You can also decorate the inside of the cover and make it interesting.

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