Nespresso unveiled new Brazilian blend

Now you can taste the same strong and aromatic coffee as in the best establishments of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, right at home.
Nespresso unveiled new Brazilian blend

Brazil is famous not only for samba, carnival and the past Olympic Games, but also for its strong coffee with a “firm” nutty note. Locals love to while away the day for a cup of cafezinho, slowly discussing the news. In order to have the same drink on your table as in the cozy Brazilian coffee houses, you no longer need to go overseas - in all the boutiques andNespresso online storeA new limited blended Grand Cru Cafezinho do Brasil, created in the best traditions of the southern country, is already presented.

Nespresso unveiled new Brazilian blend

“The favorite drink of the people of Brazil is distinguished by a slight bitterness and a characteristic spicy aroma. In order to transfer notes of walnut, sandalwood and herbs, our company carefully selected Arabica beans grown in the state of Espiritu Santo, near the sea, ”says Alexis Rodriguez, chief coffee specialist at Nespresso.As a result of painstaking work, fans of the invigorating drink around the world have had the opportunity to appreciate top-quality coffee with a bright Brazilian character. You can drink it not only in the form of espresso, lungo or cappuccino (for making foam we recommend using the convenient accessory “Aerocchino” from Nespresso), but also as part of original and simple cocktails in preparation. So, for the dessert cocktail “Brigadeiro” you will need only three teaspoons of boiled condensed milk, one capsule of Cafezinho do Brasil, a spoon of ordinary condensed milk, milk, chocolate syrup and chocolate crumb for decoration. The scenario is simple: pour boiled condensed milk on the bottom of the cup, add espresso, make milk foam in Aerocchino, mix it with condensed milk, pour it on top of the espresso. Top risonok syrup and sprinkle with chocolate chips.

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