Natural fabrics, free cut, unique accessories: the boho style has no equal!

Ethnic, multi-layered, textured, diverse and free - the boho style wins more and more hearts. Now this trend in the fashion industry is experiencing a second youth. Still would! After all, such a variety of textures, natural fabrics and absolute freedom of combinations can not fail to attract.

Bohemian style


Feel free to put on a vest on top of the top, overtake a sweater with a T-shirt and skirt on the floor, do not forget about comfortable shoes or sandals, and be sure to complement the image with handmade accessories made from natural materials or stones - all this is boho!


Boho style implies a combination of fabrics of absolutely different texture and colors. Crumpled cotton, linen, fringe, lace, knitted fabric, rough and worn fabrics - all this looks great not only on the catwalks.Clothes in the style of boho want to endlessly feel and stroke his hands.

Envelopes, drapery and trench

Even the most seemingly simple materials acquire a special luxury if you use these types of finishes. All sorts of ruffles, flounces and folds give an image of texture and infinite ease. After all, the boho style is self-expression through details.


Fashionistas prefer only exclusive handmade items. The same should be the image in the style of boho - the one and only. Be sure to complement the image with handmade accessories from natural materials: silver, copper, natural stones. Straw hats and bags of unusual shape look very stylish.Modern boho style is comfortable and practical clothing that can easily reveal the character of the owner.

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