Natural Air Humidifiers

I think everyone knows that the air of city apartments is much drier than necessary for human health. Now a large selection of special devices to "improve" the air in the room. These primarily include humidifiers and ionizers. But why surround yourself with ingenious devices, when Mother Nature thought of everything?

Indoor plants not only decorate the interior, but also clean and moisten the indoor air. Best of all, the moisture-loving indoor flowers will cope with the task of moistening. In nature, they are found in the marshes and near large bodies of water. Their main feature is large leaves that are able to evaporate a lot of moisture.

What plants are moisture-loving?

Immediately Vanka wet (Begonia) rises before his eyes. In fact, most indoor flowers can be considered to be moisture-loving. So the choice here is quite extensive: from the fussy Orchid to the omnipresent Tradescantia.

I see no reason to give a description of all the colors - we do not have an encyclopedia.I will allow myself to dwell only on the most popular specimens. You can get acquainted with the full range, as well as immediately buy moisture-loving plants on without leaving your home.

So. Beats all records in popularity of Hydrangea (Hydrangia). Indeed, it is extremely difficult to resist her amazingly beautiful and lush flower caps. The only inconvenience in growing Hydrangea is wintering. The plant drops the leaves and sleeps 2-2.5 months. During this period, it is necessary to provide a "sleep" temperature regime from 4 to 8 ° and moderate watering.

But the beautiful Azalea will delight you with its flowering from December, when most flowers are still gaining strength before the spring flowering. But remember, for her the harmful air temperature is above 20 ° and the closeness of the heating devices. Also, Azalia does not like that with daily spraying, water gets on her leaves. And if you really want to please this whim, throw some snow into the pot.

Prefer creepers? Stop your choice on Passiflora. By giving her a sunny place and a comfortable support, you will surely admire her amazing colors.It is a pity that each of them is dissolved only for a day.

Today more and more places in the apartments and hearts are occupied by the Bromeliads. The unusual flowers of these moisture-loving plants are able to please with bright colors for several weeks! For home-grown Vriesia or Guzmania is best suited.

Do not want blooming? Not a problem - Nephrolepsis, Monstera or Tsiperus can satisfy any requests, ideally fitting in almost any interior. Just do not forget to wipe the leaves and do not put these plants in direct sunlight.

How to care for moisture-loving plants?

Many novice growers think, once moisture-loving - it is necessary that the soil was constantly wet. This is not true. Do not confuse moisture-loving flowers with water! They can not stand waterlogging. Therefore, it is very important that your “natural moisturizer” has a good drainage in a flower pot.

Roots must necessarily "breathe" otherwise they will rot and the plant will die. A watering more abundant than other indoor plants, it is required only in the spring. What is really needed is regular spraying with long-standing tap water.

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