My earnings are unofficial. How to pay child support?

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Answered on November 17, 2014 10:05
It is very good, when parents are conscious and they strive not to deprive their children even if they have such an opportunity. To begin with, enter into an agreement with the spouse about the voluntary payment of alimony (this is done at the notary). Determine the amount of alimony, the timing of their payments and frequency. The amount cannot be lower than it would have been if it had been appointed by the court. For one child, this is a quarter of income, for two - a third, for three or more - half of the income. Also do not forget to specify exactly how the money will be transferred. if you take it from hand to hand, if through a bank, mail, etc. then keep the checks. All this persists for three years.
AGa tta
AGa tta
Answered on February 8 03:05
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