Most Popular Superhero Movies

Superheroes have always attracted their unique abilities, courage and incredible power, so the films about them are shot with stable regularity. But among these paintings there are those that will delight movie lovers and ordinary lovers.

So, the top 10 best superhero movies:

  1. "The Avengers: Age of Ultron". Humanity is in immense danger, and it comes not from natural disasters, not from aliens or uncharted creatures, but from the artificial intelligence created by people - Ultron. Initially, this program was created to protect the Earth, but it considered the main enemies of the planet to the people themselves and therefore launched a project to destroy the entire population. The organization “Sh.I.T” fell apart, so there is no one else to hope for. But heroes come to the rescue who have already saved the Earth and all its inhabitants more than once. They must get together again to protect humanity and give it a chance. Initially, the Avengers were perceived as monsters and enemies, as they have amazing abilities, but now all hope lies only on them.And although Ultron is very strong and intelligent, combining his forces, superheroes must do everything so that the Earth and everything on it is not turned into ashes in a flash.
  2. "Guardians of the galaxy". Enumerating interesting films, it is worth mentioning this one. The protagonist is a brave traveler and a real adventurer, Peter Quill. Almost by chance, a mysterious artifact that belongs to the cruel and ruthless Ronan, who has long wanted to capture the entire Universe and rule it alone, falls into his hands. And now Peter, without knowing it himself, is at the very epicenter of the intergalactic confrontation. In addition, he is the main victim. Only superheroes can save him, and it is with them that he plans to unite. This is a huge man-tree Groot, a brave raccoon named Rocket, a dangerous and powerful Gamora, and also dreaming of revenge Dix, better known as the Destroyer. Quill is well aware of the power of the artifact he has found, so he will go to great lengths to join forces and save the galaxy from destruction and enslavement.
  3. "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Mutants have long been considered dangerous enemiesbut still they try to survive among people. The hunt for them has reached enormous proportions, and in order to be saved, the last survivors must change the past. In order to stop the confrontation of two warring clans of mutants and combine their efforts, Professor Xavier sends Wolverine to the past. He must correct the mistakes: find all the mutants, tell them the truth, and also convince the young Charles Xavier to make concessions to the longtime enemy Magneto, who turns out to be a prisoner. And Professor X almost completely abandoned his views. Everything turned out to be much more complicated than expected. And now Wolverine will have to make a titanic effort to change everything, and help such as he survive.
  4. "The Dark Knight". This film is worthy of your attention, because it has an interesting plot. The main character, Bruce Wayne, who is known as Batman, has been a constant defender of Gotham for several years. For the first time in a long time, the inhabitants of the city are calm. But Bruce understands that everyone needs not a dark knight who is outlawed, but a real defender, who does not hide his face and works openly. And such may be the prosecutor Harvey Dent, who is not yet mired in corruption.Harvey himself does not mind taking on such responsibility. But suddenly a new dangerous villain appears in the city - the Joker. His face is covered with scars, and he himself is a real fiend of hell. This villain is very dangerous and cunning. He does not just kill innocent people, but also strives to reach the Dark Knight and his assistants. And he will do everything to discover the worst qualities of the heroes.
  5. "Iron Man". Tony Stark is not just a billionaire. He is a talented inventor who is captured by Afghan terrorists. At their request, he must create a dangerous weapon of mass destruction. But he does not intend to help the villains to destroy the world, therefore, in secret from the invaders, he is developing a costume - an ultra-modern, high-tech and multifunctional cyber-armor. Thanks to her, he escapes from captivity and returns to his homeland. But when he arrives home, Tony learns that intrigues are lagging in the board of directors of his company, and a serious conspiracy is ripening that can not only destroy the company, but also lead to more serious consequences. Stark understands that there is no way to reach an agreement with the conspirators, and instead of a peaceful solution, he is on the warpath.Now he is not just a billionaire and an inventor. He is an iron man.
  6. "Man of Steel". Clark Kent feels like a stranger on this planet. And all because he is endowed with incredible power. Once it was sent here from the planet Krypton, which is much more developed than the Earth. He was raised in a foster family by Jonathan and Martha Kent. And for many years, Clark was able to make sure that a special power is not only a gift, but also a necessity to make complex decisions. And now, when humanity is particularly in need of protection, it is under attack. Clark has a heavy burden on his shoulders. But will he be able to make the right decision to save the world, or will he not direct his might on the right track?
  7. Spider-Man. The first part of the film came out a long time ago, but it's also worth a look. Peter Parker is the most common student. Together with the class, he goes on an excursion, on which he bites an unknown spider, more like an insect mutant. And after a while, the guy realizes that the bite was not in vain. Peter began to notice in himself some oddities: he became very dexterous, can see without glasses. But other skills are more surprising: Parker has learned to climb walls and make a solid web.Toga guy realized that such amazing abilities need to be sent in the right direction. He decides to stand up for the weak and become Spider-Man. Soon the city sighs calmly, but on any superhero there is certainly a dangerous villain. And Peter Parker has yet to face him.
  8. "Keepers". The events of this film unfold in parallel reality. And in it superheroes are not monsters that everyone fears and fear, but the most ordinary citizens living in America in 1985. The doomsday clock, counting down the time before the clash of the major world powers, froze at five minutes from midnight. One of the superheroes Rorschach is worried about the death of his colleague. And he is ready to do a Lynch trial. In society, a conspiracy begins, the main purpose of which is to discredit all superheroes, both the present and the past. Rorschach decides to start his own investigation and gathers his former colleagues - members of the once-existing, but disbanded legion of fighters against criminals. And gradually the plot begins to unfold. Rorschach realizes that he is associated with the past superheroes and has serious consequences.
  9. "I'm fourth". The main character, John Smith, looks like an ordinary teenager. But in reality he is a resident of a distant planet. And so the guy is forced to hide and with his guardian often change their place of residence in order to remain unnoticed. And in each new city, he remains a simple guy, an ordinary newcomer without a past. But once he was in Ohio and realized that there was his home. John met his love and decided to start living a normal life. But he will not succeed. After all, soon he will discover his unique abilities and realize that he must fight against the long-standing enemies of his ancestors. This is its true purpose.
  10. Thor. This film is also included in the list and deserves attention. His events unfold on the planet Earth, as well as in the kingdom of the gods called Asgaard, where the main character Thor comes from. And it was he who, because of his recklessness and stubbornness, again began a war in his world, for which he was expelled therefrom by the king and his father. The whole power of the Thor was in his hammer, but now he is devoid of the former power and can no longer raise his weapons. He will have to learn to exist among people, deal with his relatives and prove that he is worthy of his title.
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