Mosquito trap

With the arrival of summer, the fight against mosquitoes becomes relevant. These blood-sucking insects not only leave painful bites on the human body, but also carry dangerous infections. There are many mosquito traps. About one of them - from a plastic bottle - we'll tell in this article. The principle of the trap is simple. It emits carbon dioxide, which attracts insects. Mosquitoes fall into it, and can not get back. Among the advantages of this trap are safety for health and low cost of raw materials. And it can work without a "refueling" for a week. So, for the manufacture of a trap for mosquitoes, we need: • 1.5 liter plastic bottle; • Granulated sugar (50 grams);
• Baker's yeast (5 grams); • Water (180 ml); • Dark fabric; • Scissors.
details of the trap

Cut the neck of the bottle, and pour sugar in the lower part.
 we fall asleep in a bottle
Pour the sugar water and mix thoroughly. The water temperature should be around 40 ° C.At higher temperatures (45 ° C and above) the yeast dies. As a result, fermentation does not begin.
 pour into the bottle
Insert the neck into the bottle like a funnel. Add yeast to the water.
Wrap the resulting trap with a dark cloth - fermentation takes place faster in the dark.

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