Morning exercises, or 5 simple exercises for cheerfulness for the whole day

Is it possible to love the early ups? No, we are not joking! You can if you wake up right! Before you are simple, but effective exercises for morning exercises, which will take a maximum of 15 minutes, but for the whole day they will relieve you of the feeling that you got up on the wrong foot, invigorate you better than the strongest coffee and give you a great mood. Do not forget to drink a warm glass of water with a lemon (and honey at will), and your day will surely be successful!

Initial position:feet at shoulder width, hands on a belt, the top stretches into the ceiling.

Exercise number 1

Knead neck

How to perform?

  • We take a quiet breath and on the exhale we turn our head to the right.
  • We return to the initial position on the inhale and with an exhalation turn our head to the left.
  • Repeat several times in each direction.

Exercise number 2

Stretch your hands

How to perform?

  • Pull hands in front of you.
  • Bend and unbend the brush (several repetitions).
  • We squeeze the thumbs into fists, spread our hands to the sides, start the rotation (several repetitions in one and in the other direction).
  • Bend the arms in the elbows, start the rotation of the forearms (several repetitions in one and the other direction).
  • Straighten your arms to the side - thumbs are still locked in a fist. We inhale, on the hold of breath we begin the rotation with our hands several times in each direction. Exhale through the nose.

Exercise 3

Will stretch?

How to perform?

  • While inhaling, stretch your arms upward.
  • We twist our fingers in the lock.
  • Open the chest, well stretched.
  • Exhale, lean to the right.
  • Revealing the thoracic region (glance at the ceiling, neck away from the shoulders), stretch the entire left side.
  • With a breath, we return and repeat the stretching to the left side.
  • Gently pull the pelvis forward and make a slight backbend, pulling the neck.

Exercise 4

Make the slopes

How to perform?

  • With a straight back, without rounding the waist, bend down to parallel with the floor (you can slightly bend your knees).
  • Pull hands forward (look to the floor, neck does not stiffen), pelvis - back. Breathe in through your nose.
  • Continuing to stretch your arms forward, and with your pelvis back, drop to the floor, your neck does not over-exaggerate (if you feel the tension on the back of the leg, you can bend your knees). Breathe in through your nose.
  • Having bent knees and having clasped legs with hands, we lower a stomach on hips (the top of a head aspires to toes, knees can be unbent if possible).
  • We make some smooth breaths and exhalations.
  • Hanging on the elbows, we relax the head and neck (you can gently shake the body and head to the right and left).
  • Extend your arms and with a rounded back on the exhale, vertebra behind the vertebra, we rise to the starting position (the back is rounded to the last moment), we make a circular movement with our hands.

Exercise 5

We stretch our legs

How to perform?

  • Right leg bend at the knee, fingers look at themselves.
  • We make a circular motion with the leg in the hip joint (several repetitions in one direction and in the other direction).
  • We perform ankle circular motion (several repetitions in one and in the other direction).
  • We tighten the knee to the chest, we clasp our hands, make a circular motion with the foot.
  • Repeat the same exercise on the other leg.

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