Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth secretly married

Miley Cyrus has repeatedly stated that the wreath, in spite of the offer of a hand and heart from her beloved Liam Hemsworth, is not in a hurry: she does not like the engagement ring with diamonds, she just wants to be free for now, because she is only 24 ( November of last year, however, has already turned 25). Roman Miley and Liam began in 2009, so it remains only to wonder how the Australian actor had the patience to wait almost ten years before the temper of the lady of his heart calmed down a bit. And, according to the sources, he still waited for this ... Recently it became known that on vacation in Australia, where Miley and Liam had come to celebrate his 28th birthday, Miley was finally ripe to tie the knot.

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