Mikhail Porechenkov felt in the Lower "chemistry"

The actor who came to the film festival "Bitter Fest" in the rank of its president, has time not only to work, but also to relax. And quite diverse.

From cultural rest Mikhail Evgenievich prefers excursions. He had already visited the house-museum of Maxim Gorky and made a tour of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. And the mayor Elizaveta Solonchenko acted as a guide.

Photo: Inna Alekseeva

She was so fascinating to tell the star about the history of the Kremlin that, at the end of the excursion, she shared her impressions like a man: “Chemistry arose!”. However, the chemistry could also arise because the official promised to do everything in her power so that the festival “Gorky Fest” would gain annual status. And she promised to find time and come to one of the shows in order to show the citizens of Nizhny Novgorod with a personal example: there is a grand movie festival in the city, entrance to the shows is free and you can meet domestic stars of the first magnitude.For example, Konstantin Khabensky, Nikita Mikhalkov, Katerina Shpitsa, Agniya Kuznetsova and other Russian celebrities visited the opening ceremony of the festival, and the jury was headed by famous director Vladimir Hotinenko. Alas, the organizers did not take care to inform citizens beforehand about such a significant event, and competitive shows (really free!) Are held in half-empty halls.

Photo: Denis Makarenko

In addition to spiritual food, Michael paid tribute to other pleasures of life. For example, Thursday night he spent tasting the Crimean wine in one of the pretentious restaurants in the city. The tasting was personally conducted by the Crimean wine-maker Valeriy Zakharyin, who, by the way, was company-owned by Porechenkov 30 years ago while serving in the army. Then their paths of life went their separate ways, but strong male friendship remained.

Intense rhythm of life requires the maintenance of good physical shape. Therefore, in the evening, having paid tribute to the gifts of Bacchus (in quite, by the way, reasonable quantities), Michael went for a jog the next morning. Rare pedestrians were very surprised to see a “national security agent” running along Nizhnevolzhskaya embankment.Mikhail in one breath ran up the Chkalov ladder, then down and back to the hotel - in total, according to him, 3200 meters. Indeed, even in a series of festival events, its president must be in shape. After all, there is still a lot of views and other events that require strength and health.

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