Methods of psychological effects on humans

The social environment in which a person lives since birth implies communication. In the process of communication and perception of information, we are exposed to psychological impact, without knowing it. These manifestations are studied by psychology. The same science explores methods of influence in communicating people with each other at work, at home and in any other place.

Methods of psychological impact and their differences

Methods of psychological impact on the personality of a person in psychology are:

  • infection;
  • suggestion;
  • conviction;
  • imitation.

Some of these methods you have already used unconsciously, and which of these methods have been tested on you. Infection, suggestion, persuasion and imitation are ways of influencing the psychological state of people. Let's analyze them in detail, so as not to get on the street of scammers.


This psychological effect on human consciousness is the oldest and most studied method. It is basedon the transfer of emotional state from person to person.Agree that it happened with everyone when you are in a good mood, and suddenly a person appears with tears in his eyes and all signs of hysterics.

As you listen to his heart-rending story, your mood spoils, and your mental state begins to look like the experience of the interlocutor. Especially impressionable natures, one does not even need to tell anything, they are at an emotional level capable of perceiving signals coming from people who are close to them.

Another example that characterizes the method of infection and which uses the psychology of influencing people is panic. He acts, as a rule, in a crowd. Ifmany people are in the same critical conditions, and some of them start to panic, this feeling is passed on to most of those present.

Heard about the panic on board an aircraft or in a broken elevator? These are the cases when one person panicked, and this feeling passed on to many

But you can “get infected” not only with negative emotions. Laughing, fun, positive life moods can be contagious.


The second class of psychological impact on the person is suggestion. In this case, the psychology of influence on a person turns out to be on an emotional background, forcing him to act as his opponent does. But if an infection is a transmission of a psychological state, as a result of which a person acts in one way or another, then a suggestion is a person’s belief to do what they are told with verbal tools (words, eye contact, etc.).

In order for a suggestion to become an effective tool, it is necessary to conform to your words. If a person tries to "teach you to live" and dictates the rules of behavior in society or the laws of achieving success, then his reputation, appearance and manner of speaking should cause respect and a desire to imitate.

But when you are an exhausted individual in dirty clothes and with traces of alcoholic intoxication, his calls for a new life look pathetic and ridiculous. Therefore, wanting to help a person with advice, try to understand the situation in which he was miserable. Penetrate the problem and put yourself in his place. Only after that you can suggest something to the one who is looking for support from you.

Many people in the same elevator

People can instil their thoughts only with a confident voice.

Another important nuance - the psychology of human exposure says thatpeople can inspire their thoughts only with a confident voice, in which there is no shadow of doubt. Sometimes the success or failure of an idea depends on the tone of the phrase.

There is another factor that determines the result of exposure to a person - this is suggestibility. The power of suggestion depends on how much a person is suggestible, and this is an individual indicator. The high level of this indicator is distinguished by children under the age of 13 years and uncertain in themselves, indecisive people.

Suggestion works especially well if you combine the meaning of the words with the help of which suggestion occurs with external information that is familiar and understandable to the suggestion. If you are trying to direct a person to the "true path" and at the same time draw a parallel with those facts that are close to him, it will have a strong psychological impact on him. If you want to prove to a person that as a result of the actions suggested to him, he will be pleased, give an example of the negative result that awaits him in the opposite case.

Using “winged utterances” or famous examples of positive or negative experience of generations, you will achieve significant results in the art of suggestion.


Persuasion is one of the most innocuous and effective methods of psychological influence on a person. It is based on facts that become clear as a result of the construction of a logical chain of thought. Using various methods of influencing people, one should take into account the level of intellectual development of the opponent. Proving something to a person who is mentally lower than you is ridiculous. Your arguments will not be understood and accepted. If you try to convince someone who is smarter than you, it will look ridiculous.

When the first portion of new information reaches the consciousness of a person, his brain is looking for explanations. And now it depends on the art of the one who convinces whether they will believe it or not. Well, if you can get a person to trust you, but the rest depends on the method of psychological influence, the alternation of new data. The most important thing that requires ways of psychological influence on a person is not to deceive your opponent.As soon as a person feels false in words, the level of trust will drop at times. If this happens again, you can completely lose the trust and attention of that person.

To really believe you, you must match the way of life or statements that you are trying to convey to your opponent. Your words should radiate force, and you create the impression of an authoritative and confident person.

So, everything coincided:

  • The level of development of the opponent:
  • The veracity of your statements;
  • Compliance with the image and statements.
Man and woman are fighting

Your words should radiate strength, and you create the impression of an authoritative and confident person

Now you need to choose a strategy of behavior that will help influence a person psychologically. There are several strategies.

  • Aggressive. It is built on the contradiction of the facts to be proved. This proves to a person that you are an extraordinary person and are very different from him. He has a desire to listen to you and unravel that logical chain that you have confused. Therefore, he listens attentively to every word. But such a strategy of psychological impact on a person is typical for professionals of the word and persuasion.
  • Passive. This strategy only works if you know your interlocutor well. Carefully citing examples from his and his own life, comparing them with cases known to the whole wide world, you bring your opponent to the thought that you want to convey to him. Do not allow inconsistencies and discrepancies in judgments. This will throw the work done a few positions back.

Now you know how to psychologically influence a person during a conversation. Use the "Persuasion" method, applying the laws of logic and building logical chains.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon fight in the film "The Departed"

Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, a frame from the movie "The Departed"


Many subconsciously use methods of influence on the person, without even knowing about it. Achieving some heights in a career or intellectually, we become the object of respect and admiration. Less experienced people tend to take an example from someone who has already implemented their aspirations. But the object of imitation should always “keep the brand”. It should be attractive, bright, memorable, delightful. That is, to satisfy the opponent's desire to follow the ideal.

Means of psychological influence on a person

On the example of one of the means of psychological influence on the masses, advertising can be considered, which has become commonplace. Relatively recently, advertising existed as signage in stores, cafes or catering. These were the usual posters that recommend watching movies or concerts of pop stars.

Today, advertising has turned into large-scale quality commercials that not only inform people about the product, presentation or announcement, they force to make a choice in favor of a particular product, form the formation of values ​​and channel the thoughts and actions of a person in the right direction. It is important to pay attention to what your children are watching, since there is an impact that has a destructive effect on the person.

Many believe that the psychological impact of advertising is the engine of commerce (the phrase is hackneyed, but it's true), others believe that demand implies the release of new products, the struggle for primacy between which is decided through advertising. This is one of the most effective means that affect the mass of people and force them to act under dictation.

Advertising has a strong psychological impact on the person.

Under the influence of advertising, many girls walk on uncomfortable high heels

This applies not only to any product or singer, advertising can be inclined to public opinion in favor of a candidate for the election to the government. This method is also called "manipulation of public opinion" or "the dark art of influencing people". Moreover, the manipulation is not done by force, but by the methods of correctly building the candidate’s advertising program. It turns out that it is necessary for the electorate at this stage of the formation and development of society and common phrases and promises are fitted. Everyone "sees" in these promises a profit for themselves and votes for that particular one.

The goals of psychological impact on a person

Mental impact on a person has a goal - the desire to make a person consciously or unconsciously obey certain attitudes, norms, laws or requirements.

The director in the team of subordinates, using psychological methods of influence on the interlocutor, has its goal - to rally people or give them food to think and act for the good of the company in which they work.

The psychological impact of parents on their children suggests the goal of raising good, educated, and law-abiding citizens from them.

Dad and Mom laugh child

Parents know how to psychologically influence their child, for example, make him laugh

The psychological impact of advertising is intended to make buy one or another advertised product, vote for the right candidate or watch a film, which spent a lot of money, and they must be returned as soon as possible.

Not always the methods of influencing people imply following a good idea. This can be seen in the case of suicide bombers. After all, these people were subjected to suggestion, treatment and hypnosis in order to destroy their own kind. Together with the mass of people they kill, they die themselves. And this is contrary to human nature. Consequently, with the help of psychological influence, one can radically change a person’s perception of the world, make him a puppet in the hands of others and force him to act contrary to common sense.

As has already been said, any psychological effect has its full effect on people who are insecure. Literate, educated and self-righteous individuals are poorly susceptible to suggestion, infection and persuasion.

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