Megan Markle gave the first speech in the role of the Duchess

Sonya Morsikova September 21, 2018

You can no longer doubt: Megan Markle perfectly copes with the role of the Duchess. At first, she charmed Queen Elizabeth II, and now she delivered her first speech - so much so that she made Prince Harry stand by him move. This historic event took place at the presentation of the book Together: Our Community Cookbook (“Together: the cookbook of our community”), all the proceeds from the sale of which, as we have already said, will go to charity. Before the gathering, the 37-year-old duchess appeared in a Tuxe turtleneck, Misha Nonoo midi skirt and a Smythe coat (there is no doubt that on all these things in the online stores there is already a sign "Sold").

“I devoted the last nine months to this project, and it was a time full of work and love,” Megan began her speech. - As you know, I moved to London recently, but immediately fell in love with the cuisine, warmth and kindness of the inhabitants of this city.I am so glad that I could get used to it and see all the diversity of the culture of this incredible place. ”

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