Means to help grow long and thick hair

Do you dream of locks, like Rapunzel? Then do not miss our review of the means, whose action is aimed at the awakening of dormant hair bulbs and strengthening the roots of hair.

Intensive Activating Lotion, La Biosthetique

Lotion to enhance hair growth from the French brand La Biosthetique its fairly high price justifies in full. Firstly, the tool is very economical to use, since a couple of drops is enough for one application. Secondly, the result is really noticeable: in a couple of months you can expect a noticeable increase in length. The tool should be rubbed into the scalp two or three times a week without washing.

Lotion for enhancing hair growth Intensive Activating Lotion La Biosthetique

Lotion to enhance hair growth Intensive Activating Lotion La Biosthetique (4 220 rub.)

Shampoo-activator of hair growth Otium Unique, Estel

If you set out to grow hair, not only serums and lotions should be used, but also special products for permanent (in some cases daily) care.One of them is Estel shampoo, which will help accelerate growth and strengthen the hair follicle primarily due to the restoration of the hydrobalance of the scalp.

Shampoo-activator of hair growth Otium Unique Estel

Shampoo-activator of hair growth Otium Unique Estel (410 rubles)

Activator of density and density of hair Densifique, Kerastase

Another, though expensive, but effective way to get a long and thick head of hair. Ampoules from Kerastase should be applied at the rate of three months, but this time is worth it. The tool will not only help accelerate the growth of hair, but also stop their loss. In addition, after a couple of weeks after the beginning of the application, you will notice that the hair has become denser to the touch and visually more dense. In one set of Kerastase 30 vials. It is recommended to use the product every day, rubbing into the scalp.

Activator of density and density of hair Densifique Kerastase

Densifique Kerastase hair density and density activator (8 825 rub.)

Spray for hair «Live vitamins. Energy and Hair Growth ", Natura Siberica

In the fight for long and healthy hair all means are good, so pay attention not only to the obvious shampoos and serums, but also, for example, to this spray from the Russian brand Natura Siberica. Ease of use and a pleasant smell only a part of its advantages. The product nourishes and nourishes the hair with oils and vitamins along the entire length,and also promotes the awakening of the hair follicles due to the lemongrass in it.

Spray for hair «Live vitamins. Energy and hair growth "Natura Siberica

Spray for hair «Live vitamins. Energy and Hair Growth »Natura Siberica (325 rub.)

Mirrolla burdock oil

Proven over the years, incredibly cheap, but nevertheless one of the most effective means to enhance hair growth. Buy burdock oil can be in any pharmacy. Of course, to use it is still a pleasure: you will have to wash your head every day, since the product will noticeably fatten the roots, where you should rub it. But on the other hand, the effect will not be long in coming: after a couple of months of use, a noticeable new “undercoat” will appear on the head, that is, new hair.

Mirrolla burdock oil

Mirrolla Burdock Oil (59 rub.)

Program for hair growth Dercos Neogenic, Vichy

If you do not just want to grow hair more authentic, and struggle with loss, we recommend to pay attention to the program Dercos Neogenic from Vichy. Rub the tool into the scalp every day should be a special massage brush, which is included. The result will be noticeable in three months: the hair will not only cease to fall out, but also begin to grow new. In principle, the program is suitable for those who just really want to increase the thickness of the hair.

Program for hair growth Dercos Neogenic Vichy

The program for hair growth Dercos Neogenic Vichy (5 313 ​​rub.)

Tonic activator to strengthen and grow hair Kopa

A good working tool at an affordable price - tonic-activator for strengthening and growth of hair from the brand Kopa. The action of the product is aimed at awakening dormant hair follicles and strengthening the hair roots. The tonic works due to 13 extracts of medicinal plants (including calendula, chamomile, nettle and birch leaves), humic acids, vitamins and D-panthenol.

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