Mastering bouquets of toys with their own hands

Mastering bouquets of toys with their own handsA bouquet of soft toys with their own hands is capable of touching anyone: the one who sees such a miracle for the first time, and even the one who repeatedly received such gifts. And all because the very idea of ​​assembling pleasant things into a single composition is infinitely sweet, amazing, original. Such a gift is really beautiful, unusual, eloquent. Especially if you yourself have put your hand to creating such a surprise for a dear little man. Only then bunches of toys are able to speak for real. And we sincerely wish you this. And so that everything will work out for you, we offer a selection of useful tips on what materials are best to use, what must be taken into account and what ideas can be implemented. So, good first try!

How to make a bunch of toys with your own hands?

When you look at the picture, where such beauty is depicted, just the hands begin to itch to create something similar.Well, approximately, this way: I collected more hares, doggies, bears, other “ingredients” - lepi your imagination and rejoice! ”But when you start work, questions arise. Well, now we will try to answer them.

  • What to take as a basis for such a wonderful bunch? Suitable foam cut in the form of a circle. If your "construction" promises to be not heavy, then you can cardboard.
  • Mastering bouquets of toys with their own hands

  • What to take as a pen? A piece of plastic pipe - just right! A glossy poster rolled up in a tube fixed with scotch tape will also look good.

Mastering bouquets of toys with their own hands

  • How to fix the base on the handle? At the heart of the cut hole. Then, first we do the drapery, using tapes or fabric, after which we grease the point of contact between the base and the handle with glue. We put our tube in there. Now you can even sew.

Mastering bouquets of toys with their own hands

  • How to connect the little animals with each other? The easiest way to glue. But then it will be impossible to separate the animals without damaging them. And the child will want to do it. Therefore, for children, carefully sew the components of a gift or tie a ribbon.
  • How to deal with a skirt? For skirts, take corrugated paper or a grid for decorating flowers.

What should I consider in order to make a successful bouquet of toys with my own hands?

  • for whom he
  • what this man loves.
  • occasion.

Bouquets of toys with their own hands. Tips for your ideas

  • Try to "play" with different sizes of animals in various colors.
  • Risk to build a "scene". For example: the bees flew to the flower, next to the cunning Winnie the Pooh. Or: the hare presents flowers to the hare, around small bunnies.
  • Complement the bouquets of soft toys with the necessary things: sweets, hair clips, elastic bands, office, money.
  • Pick on the meaning and build talking bouquets of soft musical toys.
  • And let the toys be not soft! Connect in the same way collector cars or puppies, rubber beasts or soldiers, princesses or ponies.
  • For New Year's greetings will be appropriate bouquets of Christmas tree toys with their own hands.

Mastering bouquets of toys with their own hands

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