Maria Sittel became a mother for the fifth time.

TV presenter gave birth to daughter Catherine.

The joyful event in the family of Maria and her husband, businessman Alexander Tereshchenko, happened at the end of September, but it became known about him only today.

“We have a girl, they called the baby Catherine,” said Sittel. - We feel great, already at home. Everyone is happy!"

Baby has become the fifth child TV presenter. He and Tereshchenko grow sons Ivan (2010), Savva (2012) and Nikolai (2013), in addition, Sittel has a daughter, Daria (1995), from the first marriage.

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About pregnancy TV presenter became known in late March. Despite the interesting situation, Maria continued to work.

Sittel was observed at the Lapino Clinical Hospital, popular with celebrities. Here were born twins Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin Harry and Lisa, the youngest daughter of Ivan Urgant Valery, daughter of Garik Kharlamov Nastya.

“A few years ago, we moved with our family out of town,” Maria said in an interview, writes “.”- Therefore, if earlier it was the Center for Family and Reproduction Planning on Sevastopolsky Avenue, now it is closer to Lapino. In addition, I have a long warm relationship with Mark Kurtser. The only problem is that shortly before giving birth in the schedule, a trip abroad, no matter how the baby wants to be born there. ”

By the way

It became known that it was in “Lapino” that Ksenia Sobchak was going to give birth to a first-born child. For the first time, the star leading was seen here at the end of winter. And no wonder. Clinical Hospital "Mother and Child" is very popular among celebrities.

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