Mama Bella and Gigi Hadid told why her daughters do not compete with each other

We hope that one day Yolanda Hadid will write his own book about the upbringing of children. In the meantime, the best examples of her parenting skills are the daughters Bella and Gigi, who continue not only to conquer the podium side by side, but also to touch everyone around with sincere sisterly love. And how, I ask, is this possible? Especially in the modeling world, where everyone tends to snatch their piece of cake in any available ways! Yolanda argues that everything is very simple: since childhood she instilled in her daughters that trying to surpass someone else is a meaningless undertaking, because you need to transcend yourself first and foremost.

Publication by YOLANDA (@ yolanda.hadid)Feb 20, 2018 at 6:14 PST

Publication from YOLANDA (@ yolanda.hadid)Jan 14, 2018 at 9:54 am PST

"I am often asked: do not Bella and Gigi really envy each other? The model world is very cruel, I know it by myself, ”shared Yolanda, who in her youth was no less successful and famous than her daughter.- But my girls have learned the most important thing: work, try your best, do not look at others. Try to squeeze the maximum out of yourself - because others do the same while you sit and envy or compare yourself with them. ” Hadid also added that her daughters were lucky to be born with different external data: it is also for this reason that there can be no talk of a competitive spirit between them. “If the project requires a blonde with blue eyes, who will choose Bella? No one. This is a job for Gigi. And vice versa: if you need someone darker, more exotic, of course, they will take Bella. So they can be calm: the categories for them are completely different. ”

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