#MalePolish, or Men paint their nails in bright colors

Well-groomed hands have long been a must-have not only for us girls, but also for guys. Moreover, some of them are not going to be limited to a classic or cropped manicure, and it is not enough to just steam out your hands, trim the length, remove the cuticle. They dare to take a more courageous step: they order varnishing, and they choose traditional rocker black, metallic and cobalt blue, and mint, and are not even afraid of garnet! And after that they post pictures on Instagram under the hashtag, which Marc Jacobs, the most famous fan of a bright manicure, made fashionable a couple of months ago. So, as you can see, gender boundaries are increasingly blurred. How do you like this beauty trend: are you ready to enroll in the salon next time with your boyfriend?

Photo posted by Marc Jacobs (@themarcjacobs)Apr 24 2016 at 3:33 pdt

Photo posted by nick ransom w.k.

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