Male and female: main differences

Both men and women are representatives of the human race. There is much in common between them, but there is even more difference. Visible differences in the structure of the body and genitals - the tip of the iceberg.

The psychological and social differences in the personalities of the two sexes are so significant that men and women seem to each other the most difficult mystery on planet Earth.

What is the difference between a man and a woman? Why is it important to know and take into account these differences?

Definition of male and female

Despite the fact that the conversational brain and the nervous system of men and women are alike, they perceive and react to the world around them in different ways. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, needs have different directions. Habits, behavior and worldview differ so much that sometimes the representatives of both sexes do not understand each other, as if they speak different languages. Men and women have different styles and lifestyles, life orientations and values.

The qualities of the person, character traits, temperament and other features of the psyche are objectively the same for the strong and weak half of humanity.The division into “male” and “female” qualities is conventionally accepted in society, as being mainly peculiar to a particular gender.

A man is an active, purposeful, strong brave, strong-willed Person and Protector. He focuses on the external, objective world. The woman is kind, gentle, emotional, intuitive, striving for constancy and stability. She is focused on the inner world, attitudes and feelings of the Homemaker and the Mother.

Men strive to achieve a specific goal, result, women - to create relationships and harmony. The man prefers to act, the woman - to feel and experience.

A woman lives as her heart tells her, a man is guided by the arguments of reason.

A man has a lot of purely feminine feminine qualities, a woman has masculine and muscular qualities. Some men are naturally feminine, and some women are courageous. The difference between a man and a woman is, on a psychological level, conditional. Education, self-education, education, lifestyle imprint on the individual, determine the development of female or male character traits.

Differences in world perception and attitude

Each person is an individual, with a special combination of personality traits and qualities. Science studies the psychology of not specific men and women, but average statistical data obtained through research and experimentation. Scientists rely on the idea of ​​a typical representative of a particular gender.

Men and women look at the world differently and perceive it differently, despite the fact that their senses are the same. Vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste determine the picture of the world. Information about the environment comes from the senses to the brain of the person where the treatment takes place.

Male and female: main differences

The male brain is larger than the female and weighs more, but the ratio of the size of the brain with the size of the body in men and women is the same. The left and right hemispheres of the female brain have between them a greater number of neural connections, which allows women to engage in a large number of cases at the same time. Men prefer to concentrate on one task at a specific point in time, problems are solved in stages.

Differences in attitudes and attitudes of men and women are not fully understood, since the field of research in this area is unusually wide.

Some differences between women’s and men’s view of life and peculiarities of world perception:

  • Orientation in space. Men are better than women orient themselves in space and understand maps. It is easy for a woman to get lost, even with a terrain plan. Men determine the mileage and the direction of the world, women are guided by the distinctive features of the landscape and the direction of movement.
  • Smell. Women are better oriented and smell easier, more sensitive to the intensity and strength of the fragrance. In choosing a man, a woman focuses on his natural smell. He is unconsciously evaluated as an indicator of the health of a man (strong or weak immunity and a set of genes) and sexual compatibility with a woman.
  • Vision. In men, the sight is sharper by nature, they see better in the distance and in the dark. Women better distinguish and understand the shades of color and light. They have better developed peripheral, lateral vision. If a woman sees an object without turning to him, without turning her head, the man must do it.

Male and female: main differences

  • Pain. A woman has more recipes for pain, so they feel it sharper, stronger and longer.Men are less sensitive to pain, the intensity of pain is reduced by perception. But women have more mechanisms to cope with pain and to eliminate it.
  • Responding to an extreme situation. In an acute extreme situation, a man maintains sobriety of mind and speed of reactions, acts correctly and calmly. Women are more prone to anxiety, anxiety and panic. They do not like not only extreme, but also any new situations in which they had never been before.
  • Sexual pleasure. On average, a man is able to get sexual satisfaction after four minutes of sex, for women this figure varies from ten to twenty minutes. After sex, the woman’s body is programmed to remain in the supine position, as in this case, the probability of conception increases. After orgasm in both men and women, the right, creative hemisphere of the brain is activated.

Psychological differences between women and men

 The difference between men and women in psychological terms was noticed by philosophers in antiquity. From philosophical reasoning to psychological studies of differences in male and female psychology, scientists have moved in the nineteenth century.Since then, many studies have been conducted to this day, the results of which confirm that the differences in the psychology of men and women are significant and significant.

To know how a man differs from a woman, they both need to understand each other and build relationships.

Features of the psychology of sex are taken into account in the relationship not only specific men and women, but also men and women in general.

Differences of female from male in psychology:

Male and female: main differences

  • Communication and friendship. Men compete and strive to be leaders in society. A man is important to be the first. A woman is not as eager for leadership as she wants to be accepted and join the team. Women perceive communication as an opportunity to share thoughts and feelings, discuss problems, consult, men as an opportunity to receive and transmit information.
  • Independence. Men are less susceptible to influence from outside and stereotypes, less often pay attention to someone else's opinion. A woman more often evaluates her actions and feels ashamed if she does something wrong in the way that is found in her environment. Men more often have to take responsibility, including for a woman.
  • Problem solving.Women tend to ask for help more often than men. They talk about the problem, discuss it out loud and for a long time. For a man, any problem is his problem, which he decides himself. He not only advises, but does not even tell his close people that the problem exists. It is important for a woman to speak out, for a man - to think in silence.

The combination of masculine and feminine beginnings creates a holistic system, where elements complement and emphasize each other.

A woman is looking for her man, and a man is looking for a woman. Simultaneously similar and different, they experience attraction to each other, which develops into love.

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