Luxury Holiday in Romantic Mauritius

If you want to visit paradise, then you have this opportunity: go to Mauritius - the most beautiful, interesting and romantic island in the waters of the Indian Ocean. As they just do not call!

The star of the ocean, the Emerald Island, be that as it may, is a truly unique place with the cleanest beaches, pleasant climate and paradise rest, which local hotels can offer you with a high level of professionalism.

Mauritius can hardly be called the budget destination of tourism, it is not cheap to relax here, but those who decide to go there will never regret their choice.

Do you know where Mauritius is and what is it like? If you look at the map, near the eastern part of the island of Madagascar you can see several small islands - this is the Republic of Mauritius. The state is very small, with a total area of ​​2040 km2, consists of several islands, the largest and most developed of which is Mauritius.

For a long time the islands were a colony of different European countries, but France made the biggest contribution to the development of society and local architecture, it was at her site that numerous fortresses, roads and houses were built.

Today, Mauritius is a land of great relaxation, beautiful nature and the underwater world, which makes it a great place for tourism.

The island has an impressive number of luxury hotels that can boast a really high level of service: the number of staff per unit of vacationers exceeds the limit, which contributes to truly royal conditions.

Mauritius is a place where newlyweds like to go, as well as couples who would like to conclude their union directly on the island. By the way, this can be done in a fictitious way, then you will need nothing but finance for this, or quite officially: in this case, you need to prepare documents for the ceremony.

How to get there?

Since the island is not so close, getting there by direct flight will be problematic, most likely you will fly from Moscow, Kiev or other major airports in your country.For example, travel time from Moscow directly to the island is about 12 hours, however, most often, you have to use flights with connections, then travel time may increase to 15 or 19 hours.

Depending on the selected airlines, docking can be done in Paris and Milan, or in Paris and Amsterdam. There are taxis on the island and public transport is fairly well distributed, and the most advanced can use the services of a car for hire (there is a certain list of rules, the list of which is better to know in advance).

And what about the weather?

Mauritius is, in fact, a year-round summer! The air temperature does not fall below 17-20 ° even in the coldest time of the year, the only thing that can confuse travelers is the relatively strong winds that occur here during the "winter" period - in June and July. August and September are the ideal time for those who do not tolerate extreme heat.

The air temperature in winter (the period from the end of May to October) is about 22-24 ° during the day, at night a little lower. In summer, the air temperature is about 30 ° and higher, however, it is never too hot here, because the tropical maritime climate is always accompanied by pleasant winds from the sea.

Island beaches

Almost the entire coastal territory of the island is the most beautiful and cozy beaches, to be sure of this, just look at their photos! Even public beaches are maintained in perfect condition: they are constantly cleaned and ennobled, and on some they clean sand from fragments of coral.

As in all countries where the underwater world is rich in corals, it is recommended to go into the water in rubber slippers so as not to injure your feet. So, where is the most beautiful nature on the island? What beaches really should go if you are going to Mauritius?

Go for a ride on the road from the capital Port Louis to Morn-Braban: on one side you will see a strip of magnificent beaches, and on the other - a beautiful mountain plateau. The locals are very fond of the small town of Flic-en-Flac: the beaches there are simply excellent, and the local reserve is also located nearby.

Lovers of pristine nature and thrills better to go to Tamarina Bay: there is a completely different atmosphere and always strong enough waves that attract surfers from around the world every year. Pereybere is considered the most youthful and lively beach: there are many cafes and nightclubs here.

Where to go?

What to see on the island, except the beaches and the hotel in which you live? A really look at what to see. One of the most famous and popular wonders of the island is the land of Chamarel. It is unique in that it consists of sand dunes of different shades, the boundaries of which are clearly visible on the surface.

The interest is that even if you mix colors, in a few hours the boundaries between the sands will be restored again. Go to the Tamarin waterfalls - impressive and very picturesque places that are worth seeing with your own eyes.

It will not be out of place to visit the natural park of Le Val - here you can see the natural life in the ocean, besides there are monkeys, deer, as well as various types of birds on the territory.

Do not forget that most of the population of the island is of Indian origin, that is why various temples are set up everywhere. The most famous temple is Shivala, which is a complex located in the village of Triolet.

In addition, there are many remnants of ancient settlements on the island, which are scattered throughout Mauritius, as well as museums and cultural centers, mostly located in the city of Moka.Who cares how to cook rum at home, then be sure to go to the estate "Les-Domen-des-Pays", where the whole process of processing and cooking will show you in all details.

There are many more places in Mauritius, which we did not have time to talk about, but it’s really worth seeing them with your own eyes!

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