Luxury plaid "Peacock feather": the eastern richness of colors in one motive

The plaid is crocheted from individual motifs, and then they are sewn onto the finished canvas of the plaid.

Here are some variations of motifs resembling peacock feathers.

We will choose such a motive and pick the necessary threads by color.

We begin knitting:

Recruit a chain of 5 VP. We tie a closed chain of SNs, then tie once 2/3 of the circle of SNS, and 1/3 of CCH. Change the thread. 1/2 to tie the sc, right and left, two SSN and four CC2N. The outer contour is again tied with the next color ScN, in the arch between CC2N knit Csn, Csn, two Cs2h, Csn, Csn.

The motif “peacock feather”, connected from 4 colors:

This is how a plaid looks, collected from individual motifs.

In this plaid motifs sewn on a knitted base.

Notice how the motifs are superimposed during assembly: the bottom edge of each next row covers the top edge of the previous one.

Another version of the rug "Peacock Tail", crocheted from individual diamond motifs.

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