Love horoscope for 2015 for Virgo

VirgoModest, calm and pedantic Devas in 2015 will not be easy at all, in any case, it concerns personal and family life. They will make a lot of discoveries for themselves - including the fact that truth is not always good and useful, and many people can feel wonderful, existing outside of the system of order and accuracy that Virgos honor so much.

Love horoscope for a woman-Virgin for 2015

A free Virgo woman will not immediately feel ready for a relationship - but by April she will be frankly uncomfortable alone. Finding a person with whom she wants to be near, Virgo is not so easy - she is rather picky and her bar of demands is unreasonably high. The stars recommend that the Virgo woman literally descend from heaven to earth and carefully look around - there is a person who can make Virgo happy, although at first glance he does not meet all her requirements.

Virgo horoscope

If the Virgo woman is in family relationships, problems are also unlikely to be avoided. Oriented by nature to the house, family, in 2015, the Virgo woman will decide that she is capable of more - and will resolutely begin to push the limits of her hitherto modest world. No one has any doubts about her capabilities - however, having decided to achieve new heights and make more interesting acquaintances, Virgo can get too carried away, and at home, her claims and misunderstanding are awaited by her beloved person. A virgin is unlikely to meet him - however, very soon she herself will feel that her true vocation is to be a wife and a mother, but can the second half of a Virgo woman endure all her mood swings?

Horoscope for a male Virgo for 2015

A lonely man-Virgo can meet his love in the spring - but only if he makes every effort, that is, an avid homebody changes his way of life, and at least sometimes accepts invitations to friends for various events. At one of these parties, he will meet his soul mate - and from that moment on, the life of a man-Virgin will change for the better. However, he should take into account the mistakes of his previous relationships - try to be easier to communicate and impose your lifestyle on a loved one, yet Virgos love it very much,and their ability to make a scandal because of a cup that is out of place, is capable of losing the most patient person.


The man-virgin in 2015 will feel incredibly attractive - the way he never felt before, and he wants to show his charm to others. An atypical behavior for a man-Virgo will be justified by the fact that they don’t notice him at home — they don’t see his potential, so he tries to find approval among new acquaintances. It is unlikely that it will benefit the family life of the Virgin - his spouse will not show understanding, but he can easily decide that she has no need for marriage with a man who does not consider her opinion. So the stars recommend that a man-Virgo think about everything well - it is unlikely that a second admiration of strangers can cost a happy family life. If the Virgin decides otherwise, then he will most likely meet the new year alone.

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