List of the most dangerous roads in the world

The history of the pavement is more than one century old: it's hard to imagine, but once expensive, in the usual sense for us, there was not, at all, many of them were minor trails or pieces of uncouth slabs.

In the days of Ancient Rome, when cheap labor in the person of slaves allowed to create quite high-quality roads, such coatings were constructed which, in excellent condition, have survived to this day. For a long time, the ancient roads did not particularly modernized, and only in the first half of the XIX century the first asphalt was “flooded”.

Since then, millions of kilometers of roads were built, and fabulous sums of money were invested in their development and installation. Among them there are also those that pass through very difficult places, they create real horror, like drivers who will have to pass through them a vehicle, as well as passengers who will have to entrust themselves to the driver's hands.

Today we will talk about the most terrible, dangerous and even deadly roads in the world,which are such for various reasons: terrain features, bad weather conditions that often thicken over them, and so on.

People are dying here every week, cars are broken, but they are still not closed and continue to use, since these roads may be the only way to communicate with any remote point of our planet.

Death Road, Bolivia

Perhaps one of the most dangerous and notorious roads in the world, which is located in the mountains of the Bolivian province of Yugas. It received its terrible name in 1999, when a bus with eight tourists from Israel just rolled down the abyss.

In order to finish this way, it is not necessary to drive on the highway or be distracted, just a small slip is enough, and the sad end cannot be avoided. The site is a road (if you can call it that) with a length of 70 km, often slippery, dirty and covered with fog, on which about 150 people die every year, about 25 cars are broken.

By the way, the tragedy with the Israelis is not the loudest in this area, it is inferior to the accident in 1983, when a bus carrying hundreds of passengers plunged into the canyon. Could not save anyone.By the way, the frontal collisions are the most frequent here: the road is very narrow in places, one truck can hardly pass through it, which, incidentally, together with buses, is the main mode of transport here.

Some plots and altogether literally hang over the abyss, during the rainy season blurring into a real swamp. Nevertheless, the “Road of Death” remains almost the only one that connects the northern regions of Bolivia with its capital, and by virtue of its dangerous glory it has also become a favorite attraction for tourists who strive to go through such a route and take an unforgettable photo.

BR-116, Brazil

The next one in our list is a highway that makes fear of the people of Brazil, who, by the way, called it “Death Highway”. In addition to such a terrible title, it is also considered the second longest in the country, which stretches from Porto Alegre all the way to Rio de Janeiro.

According to tourist avenues, fatal accidents constantly occur here, which, in principle, is not at all surprising: the road is laid along dangerous steep cliffs, sometimes it passes through tunnels cut directly into the stone.

Guoliang Road, China

Residents of the Chinese province of Henan, which she connects with the "mainland", called her a road "that does not forgive mistakes." Some 40 years ago it did not exist at all, the inhabitants had to do only with a dangerous stone staircase, there was no transport connection at all.

As a result, a narrow tunnel was built in the rock, in which even two small passenger cars hardly disperse, therefore many drivers prefer to use two-wheeled vehicles here.

"Stelvio Pass", Italy

Another of the most dangerous and winding trails is located in the mountains of Italy, stretching at an altitude of about 2.5 km. No wonder it got its name, "The Queen of Zigzags", because in order to completely overcome it, you need to go through 60 sharp turns, as well as 48 "hairpins". For transport it is open only in the summer months, in winter it is used for sled transport.

Pan American, Costa Rica

The length of this road simply captures - it stretches from Alaska and ends only in the southern regions of America, for which, in fact, it received the title of “the longest highway”. A small part, which passes through Costa Rica, is often called the bloodiest in the world.Its narrow, curves and surrounded by cliffs, areas often become slippery due to landslides and floods.

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