Letters-pillows - an original and useful gift

Recently, soft letters have become very popular, both among young mothers and couples. From the letters, pillows put the whole names - a loved one, a child or even their own, which becomes an interesting element of home decor, as well as a convenient accessory bedroom.

For children, this is a beginner’s manual for learning the alphabet - you can change the letters, put them into words and just play the fool. That is why the set of pillows in the form of letters is a very popular gift for the birth of a baby - practical and creative.

If you like these products and want to decorate your own house with their help, then there are two options: first, you can order them from needlewomen or, second, you can make beautiful letters with your own hands, which is much more interesting! You ask how to make pillow letters yourself, if you have never tried anything like this before?

To do this, it is enough to have basic sewing skills, and also to save all the necessary materials and tools to create them. Such pillows, thanks to the variety of fabrics, decorations and patterns, each time are completely different and interesting. So, let's try to master this simple science?

What you need to prepare?

Patterns and Stencils

It is much easier to cope if you decide to stitch just one letter, for example, the capital in the name or family name. But if it comes to the whole name, then for the beauty of the creation it is important that the letters are all the same (in size and shape).

The simplest thing is to download on the Internet and print out patterns, on this occasion there are many different archives with stencils. Another option is to make a stencil yourself, for this you need a pencil, thick paper and scissors.

Practice first on the letters of a small size and if you see that your letters are no worse, then safely translate them to the fabric.

the cloth

Remember that it should be with a reserve and the amount will directly depend on the size of your future pillows.Considering their height and summing the width, you can choose the necessary piece of fabric, however, do not forget to leave a little for allowances (approximately 1.5 cm on each side). It is best to choose natural fabrics, such as flax, cotton, fleece, or something more tightly, such as felt.

On such cushions it is more pleasant to lie, and it will be much easier to sew them than from synthetic synthetics. Also do not forget about the fabric for the edge, if you decide to make letters with the end part (for stability and beauty). Often, this rim is made of a fabric of a different color that contrasts or complements the overall picture.

The color and pattern of the fabric directly depends on the direction of the product - more delicate colors are chosen for the child, more restrained for an adult, although everything depends on the case.


The most common option is a synthetic winterizer, plain cotton wool or holofiber. Numerous scraps of old fabrics will be suitable for the most extreme case, although in this case be prepared that in some places of the pillows voids may form, and in general, it may turn out to be harsh. They need to be stuffed, starting from the most remote and hard-to-reach corners, gradually moving towards the "exit".

Other inventory

It includes needles, scissors, ruler or centimeter, pattern paper, sewing machine and pins.

Instruction for manufacturing

So, how to make such a gift or just a home accessory in stages? Let's figure it out.

  • First you need to prepare the patterns - you make them yourself or download them from the Internet - it does not matter, the main thing is then carefully cut the letters. By the way, for information, it is easier to sew letters with sharp corners than with rounded ones, so if you are new to the field of sewing, it’s better to start small.
  • Next, the pattern must be transferred to the prepared fabric. If the back and front part of the pillow is of the same type of fabric, then it can simply be folded in half, transfer the pattern, leave 1.5 cm for the seam allowance and cut the letters. If the back and front are different, we cut them out separately.
  • From the fabric that was prepared for the side, cut a straight strip, which will determine the thickness of your future pillows.
  • You need to tackle the side first to the back and then to the front of the pillow - this process needs to be done very carefully, make sure that it does not move 5 mm relative to the halves, otherwise the finished product will mow.To sweep, and then to stitch the rim, it is necessary in such a way that there is a small gap on one side on the seam. It is necessary to turn the letter on the front side, and then fill it with filler. In round areas (for example, inside the letter A or B), small notches should be made on places where there is a curvature so that the letter does not wrinkle.
  • After all the details are stitched and turned on the front side, each letter needs to be filled with padding polyester (or with what you have prepared), and then sew up the space left with a neat secret stitch.
  • At the end of the ready-cushion letters you need to steam out so that they take the final look. That's all! If you do not have enough imagination about the design, the photos of numerous works can always be found on the Internet and choose an idea for yourself.
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