Leather jacket and dress - 5 fresh 2014 spring looks

Having in the wardrobe a short fitted jacket made of natural or artificial leather, you can create several images that will envy the inhabitants of red tracks and glossy covers. Of course, the very idea of ​​combining tenderness and rebellion, femininity and rock, in short - kosukhs and dresses is not new, but we have something to surprise this time.

Bomber a la school boy

Who said that women's leather jackets must necessarily be thin and fitted? Get a "boyish" option, preferably in bright execution. Classic - white sleeves, attached to a contrasting vest, but do not despair if you don’t get such a jacket in your city - order from an online store. Take the style slightly hooligan: the larger the product and the more external parts on it, the easier it is to choose a dress or a bottom.

Leather jacket with boots

High boots in themselves look very elegant and even defiant, especially on heels.Discard the high heels in favor of a flat "cowboy" sole, but choose the length of the knee. A small nuance: the jacket and boots should match the color scheme, but it does not have to be the same shade. For example, a chocolate jacket and red boots, with them it is better to wear light pastel tones a chiffon dress to the knee.

Jacket and massive decoration

Rejoice, lovers of subcultures! This season, as never before, all the directions have raged. From massive metal chains and a necklace with thorns to intricate necklaces in the style of ethnics and an abundance of stones: the longer and brighter the beads and the more vigorous the bracelets, the more appropriate the shortened jacket is on you.

Floral Dress

From above, of course, a leather jacket. Large poppies in half hem or small flowers in the English style, the choice is yours. Similarly, there are no claims to the coloring of the coat: it can be cream or gray, classic black, if only from genuine leather. Cheap fakes somehow become boring and not at all impressive.

Contrast Sleeves and Tone Accessory

The product itself can be in black or brown, it slim, and the sleeves are bright or bright. They need to pick up shoes or a clutch by color.You can experiment by combining the leggings under the dress and sleeves of the jacket, but the main thing is not to overdo it, and then risk to look like Harlequin.

Maybe you already have your own ideas? Do not worry, even if not, after acquiring an easy and comfortable leather jacket, they will definitely appear. We must be ready for them fully armed, so we suggest that we put on a jacket for shopping and measure the images you liked and have born completely in front of the mirror.

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