Learning to deal with anxiety

Often confronted with different situations throughout the day, our anxiety is based on a fictional exaggeration of the real problem. For example, someone is worried that he will be fired, although there is no visible threat and reasons contributing to this, and someone is afraid that her husband is cheating, and in fact there was not even a hint of such actions.

Unfortunately, paying attention to the world that surrounds us, when our fears and anxieties really have an objective foundation, yielding to our emotions, we harm ourselves by doing stupid and rash acts. It is necessary to carefully monitor their condition and take action in a timely manner.

Recognizing the signs is easy. These include:

- dramatic mood swings, joy dramatically turns into sadness, tear into laughter;

- weakness of the body, tense muscles of the neck of the back, headache, nausea;

- absent-mindedness, impossibility to focus even on the most important matters;

- exacerbated guilt, although you realize that the absolute could not do anything, anxiety and sadness.

It is difficult for you to realize the reality of what is happening.Often trying to get rid of this loud parties, noisy companies, although you are not happy. These reactions of our consciousness are normal and completely healthy, so our psyche perceives and reacts to the world in which we live.

It's hard to step over yourself. But get rid of the feeling of guilt, for mood swings, for uncollectibility, do not perceive, too close to the heart, the words of those around you, who reproach or blame you for this. A very important role is played by physical contact with people, hugs, kisses, and marital sex. Do not deny yourself this.

Do not forget to speak. You need to speak out, talk about your experiences, about the fear that overcome you. Help and participation of relatives and relatives will help you with this. Keep an active lifestyle. Sports, walks, even cleaning the apartment, any physical activity will distract and help overcome anxiety.

Just do some planning. Sit down and paint your long-term plans, both personal and professional. Plan your actions that will help you achieve your plans.

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