Kyata - tasty and unusual treat

Do you like desserts? Then be sure to try to cook Baku Kyat, it is much easier than you think!

What it is?

Kyata is an oriental dessert that resembles something resembling a rolled-up puff pastry. It is prepared in many Eastern and Caucasian countries, for example, in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and so on. It consists of such a delicacy of dough, as well as toppings, which include flour, sugar, butter and vanilla.

Some cooking options involve the use of yeast dough, but the Baku recipe is considered one of the easiest, so it will suit you for sure.

By the way, some other names of the delicacy are known: kada, gata.

How to do?

So, how to cook such an appetizing oriental dessert like a kyat? Here's what you need:

  • three glasses of flour;
  • about 250 grams of butter (this is about one shop tutu);
  • one glass of sour cream, natural yogurt or curdled milk;
  • one teaspoon of soda;
  • one bag of vanillin.

For the preparation of the filling:

  • one cup of powdered sugar;
  • one glass of flour;
  • about 100-150 grams of butter;
  • one bag of vanillin.

For lubrication:

  • one hen's egg.


  1. First you need to make a dough. First of all, cool the butter well, for example, send it to the freezer. Sift the flour on any flat surface (preferably on the table).
  2. Straight into the flour, rub the butter. Hands all mix. You should have something that looks like crumbs.
  3. It is advisable to get sour cream in advance so that it is not cold. Put soda in it and leave for half an hour. As a result of this kind of quenching, the mass should increase in volume by half. Add the vanillin.
  4. Sour cream should be gently poured into the crumb, making a small depression. Substitute a rather dense, but elastic dough, send it in a plastic bag and refrigerate for an hour.
  5. Next, go to the stuffing. Cold oil grate and mix with flour, powdered sugar and vanilla.
  6. Remove the cooled dough, divide it into several parts.
  7. From one portion roll out a layer about 2-3 millimeters thick. Put a third of the filling and roll out the roll. Cut the tube into several pieces.
  8. Also deal with the rest of the dough and filling.
  9. On the bottom baking sheet parchment, pre-soaked in oil. Put all the buns in order to leave space between them.
  10. Whisk the egg and grease the resulting mass with each serving.
  11. Send the pan to a preheated 180 degree oven for about twenty minutes.
  12. The Baku kyata is ready!

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations:

  1. In the filling you can try to add chopped nuts (peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and so on), as well as pieces of dried fruit, this dessert will become even more delicious.
  2. You can try to cook a cottage for yeast, it will be more airy and soft. The ingredients will remain the same, but in the dough you will need to add about 5 grams of dried quick yeast, about fifteen minutes soaked in a small amount of warm water or milk.
  3. Be sure to let the dough stand, otherwise it will not be so airy and soft.
  4. To make a filling, you need to use sugar powder, not sugar. It maintains the density of the mass, and the sugar can either dissolve or, as a result, crunch on the teeth in the finished dessert, and this is unacceptable.
  5. It is important not to "perepech" Kyatu, otherwise it will become tough. So do not increase the cooking time and temperature.
  6. It is best to eat hot whale, so after cooking, immediately serve it to tea.

Bon appetit to you, your household and guests!

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